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    Progen 60deg lob wedge V Ping 54 deg G2 sand wedge

    As a high handicapper which club would I be better off using in greenside bunkers?what bounce do they both have?
    And which club would I find more useful, therefore get more out of in general play ???

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    Re: Progen 60deg lob wedge V Ping 54 deg G2 sand wedge

    Well, the ping is designed as a sand for green side bunkers.

    Otoh you can pick up a Progen lob wedge for absolute peanuts used etc so buy/try/bin or shed it if it doesn't work for you.
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    Re: Progen 60deg lob wedge V Ping 54 deg G2 sand wedge

    Progen were a very good make and a good alternative to the top name brands.

    I still have a very little used matched pair of 52 and 56 wedges. Progen called the 52- A wedge and the 56 - Sand Wedge. I would expect the 60 to have around 8 degree bounce.

    I use a 54/08 wedge (other make) for greenside and bunkers which are not very soft deep sand.
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    Re: Progen 60deg lob wedge V Ping 54 deg G2 sand wedge

    Probably depends on the sand. The bunkers at my place are awful and rock hard, so my best hope is to smash it with this crappy Dunlop 60° I have now. In 'general play' though I never use the 60 as the chance of thinning it is quite high, I prefer to play a half swing with the 56°.
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