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Thread: Swing Speed

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    Re: Swing Speed

    You’re looking too much into it in my opinion, swing easy and relax, forget about anything else 😀
    Cheers Brian

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    Re: Swing Speed

    hit it as far as you can mate. i just won a three day comp on a links course because i was taking driver pw into greens when most of the field was hitting in 6 irons and struggling to hold the greens.

    two clubs you wanna be awesome with..... your driver and your putter

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    Re: Swing Speed‬

    This guy on twitter seems focused on golf fitness but particularly increasing swing speed, often shares home workout exercises you could follow and try

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    Re: Swing Speed

    strength and flexibility.

    Focus on your core, so lots of planking and back exercised. Doesn't matter how big your arms are if your core is weak. All the power goes through your core.

    If you have weights do squat; deadlifts and bench press. These are compound lifts so work out multiple muscle groups including your core.

    Get some flexibility into your shoulder so you can get a full shoulder turn in comfortably.

    As for specific techniques. There are plenty of aids and gismos out there. I've not used any so couldn't comment on their effectiveness
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    Re: Swing Speed

    I wouldn't get too caught up in SS TBH, two of the best players i know don't hit it that far but are straight. Its great hitting it a long way but distance alone isn't going to make you a better player.

    There was a guy on here before called Timgolfy, he was obsessed with distance and his SS, and that alone was going to make him a good player...

    ive not seen him on the European tour yet

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    Re: Swing Speed

    As everyone else has said, assuming you're not a youth or otherwise trying to make it as a pro, the speeds you're talking in your opening post are more than sufficient to get you down to a very low handicap.

    I'd expend your energy on improving technique - this will result in distance gains anyway.

    To answer your question though, I don't know of any exercises to improve speed!
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    Re: Swing Speed

    You swing fairly fast and on most normal courses, fast enough to play to a very low handicap.

    I went down the overspeed training route, posted on here about it a few times before, no doubt would come up on a search, picked up about 10mph on the driver speed, a interesting video link up is here :-

    Most fun I have ever had doing golf.

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