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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    Quote Originally Posted by duncan mackie View Post
    I'm no doubting that there is an advantage to be gain by most in a 36 hole, and many in even 18 - it will vary by course and conditions.

    It's difficult to dispute that there's an advantage for most in having a caddy, but they are very rarely banned!

    As you move into elite amateur events you are starting to mirror the professional game in many aspects, and buggy policy tends to be one (an absolute advantage cannot be balanced by handicap factors in a scratch event).

    It's self correcting in club Q events - arguably if you permit it in those you shouldn't ban it in major/board events because you then disadvantage someone whose handicap is based on having that advantage!

    Club golf is supposed to be inclusive, yet here we are yet again looking to make it exclusive.
    maybe, i think there are some events that caddies are not allowed, some elite am events anyway.

    less of an advantage for younger guys anyway.

    But your point about making more exclusive by not allowing them, i would not agree with, Buggies cost to hire, there's even guys at my club who own their own (older guys) if it were allowed by all the richer and able to afford a buggy would have the advantage Shirley

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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    The policy at our club is that to use a buggy in medals you need a medical certificate. The guy I normally play in medals had to pay his GP 80 for a certificate and he also has the hire of the buggy to pay. In addition to this, anyone playing with him in a competition is not allowed to ride in the buggy or have their clubs on it either.

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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    Our club rule is that you must have medical certificate to use a buggy in club comps but such rule may be waived by the organisers for individual comps.

    We also have it as a rule that a player without a certificate is not allowed to put his club's in another player's buggy.

    The last one I argued against simply because players are allowed caddies and I can see no difference.

    I have used a buggy for over 20 years and I know I would have had to restrict my golf to 9 hole courses without one. On a personal level I see the advantages as being very slight simply because I would not be able to play without one and I am still very tired when I finish because I firmly believe that buggies should be kept well away from tees, greens and areas that might be damaged so do more walking than I would really like.

    Like a lot of clubs there are only a limited number of buggies to hire and if everybody could use one it would be highly likely that some of those needing one may well not get to play.
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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    We are the same, needed a medical stifficate for buggy use in a qualifying or board comp.
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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    Why should healthy people need to use a buggy ?Ours for Q comps is restricted to people with medical exemptions only or genuine reasons why they cant walk 18 holes

    Golf isnt the most strenuous sport out there so most should be able to at least walk 18
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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    We're another club where buggies aren't prevented in qualifiers. It has never made an iota of difference to me and while I've been lucky to have only been drawn with a user a few times, there is definitely a problem with the pace of play and the round definitely took longer than had we walked.

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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    Medical certificates at mine too. See no valid reason to change this

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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    Never really thought about it but they arent banned at my place. I only know of three people who use them.

    Did you used to want to see trolleys banned though.
    Now Im lazy and have a trolley.

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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    Do buggys give an advantage? Id say yes. But a question... is it a test of golf or fitness? A 20 year old could probably sprint round, whereas a 60 might be a better golfer but would struggle to do 36 holes walking.

    I can see, and to a certain extent support both sides of the argument but if the 20 yr old and the 60 yr old both had a buggy, who would win?

    I think Id support the use of buggys to find the best golfer.
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    Re: Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    I can't understand why fit able body people want buggies to begin with. however, I'd have no issue competing against these people. no advantage imo

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