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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    just moved to an electric this year and wont be going back.

    i have to remind myself i dont need to keep hold of it and just let it roll along beside me.


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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    As donít golf frequently at the moment I donít miss it a huge amount. If I was back playing 18 twice a week then it would be a nice to have.

    Itís not an essential, a trolley is, but electric is a nice thing to have if you can afford it.

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I have a Motocaddy S1 electric and a M1 push trolley, my personal preference is electric due to ease of use, however I do use the M1 push quiet a lot but our course changes levels a lot so electric is easier. I would say there is very little difference in effort/time taken to assemble/disassemble either one.
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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Quote Originally Posted by duncan mackie View Post
    I've a clic 3.0 and a motorcade s1 pro....

    Haven't used the clic since I got it.

    Battery always goes on charge when I get home; whilst the battery could remain on board when folded I remove it at the point of putting the gear in the car and refit on the reverse (if the rest of the gears staying in the car it works even better that way.)

    What I sometimes forget to charge is the skycaddie - or leave it in the being able to run it direct from the trolley helps no end!

    Clic is a different shape but overall the take down/put up is almost the same as the s1.

    But it's obviously horses for courses.
    Same here. I have the Powakaddy fw3i. The battery simply clips in and out and is roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper and about 2 inches thick. I unclip it after the round and thats the only thing I take back in to the house. All my other gear stays in the car

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I too have both an electric (Motocsddy M) and a push trolley (Motocaddy s1 lite)

    I haven't used the push one for a couple of years. Found it was OK if playing a firm flat course (with a light bag) but quite hard going up hills or when the grounds soft

    If in the winter I don't fancy getting my electric one muddy I prefer to carry

    Yeah I too sometimes I forget to charge my battery after a round but, as it's lithium, a quick blast before playing does the trick

    Honestly I never even think about using the push one any more

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Not quite an answer to the op, but...
    I recently had to buy a new trolley, and pondered long and hard about getting electric. In the end, I decided to get another push because the exercise I get from pushing it up hills is about the only strength and conditioning I get all week. Don't want the legs to waste away in my dotage...

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I was recently in the market for a trolley and was 50/50 between a power or push trolley. I didnít want the hassell of charging etc so when pushed based on the layout of my course. Had it been exceptionally hilly it would have been a no brainer.

    Maybe try and borrow a decent push. I cannot recommends the cube from motocaddy enough. Well made folds small and very light.
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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I had an electric for about a year.
    The course I was playing wasn't really hilly enough to warrant it, just 1 minor pull up a slope to a tee otherwise gently undulating.
    So I ot a pusher.
    Unless a course I play regularly was quite hilly I wouldn't change. Probably because of the charging element, partly the cost.
    Even playing courses like West Hill last week, I didn't feel the need for an electric.
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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Quote Originally Posted by IanM View Post
    Itís hardly an imposition to plug in a battery when you get home. Mine sits on a shelf next to the bag rack in the garage.
    I totally agree. Mine sits in the utility room and I simply pack it into the car as I go out of the utility door. I have a large cart bag and especially in winter it can be heavy with waterproofs, spare towels etc and I wouldn't want to push that. Having made the switch from carry to electric I wouldn't consider going back to that middle ground of pushing. The trolley lives in the boot so simply a case of putting the clubs and battery in. I think I's actually feel more tired if I pushed

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