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    Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Has anybody ever moved from an electric trolley to a lightweight push trolley? If so what was your experience. I don't want to go out and spend over a 100 quid to find out it was a mistake....

    I have a Motocaddy M3 Pro with lithium battery and its sort of becoming a bit of a chore to set it up and take it down every time i play so was thinking of getting one of those lightweight push trolleys that seem very easy to maneuver compared to the electric one. The courses I play on these days are quite firm so a push trolley should roll reasonably well...

    Maybe i should lighten the bag a bit....

    Any views and would welcome peoples experiences?

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I switched from the GoKart to a clicgear 3.5 and I don't regret it one bit.
    I was tired of having to ensure I charged the battery everytime and whilst it might sound trivial it was just something else to think about and can potentially be a show stopper if you have a heavy cart bag and no battery.
    I also wanted to have the flexibility of all of the attachments and extras... the net,compartments, higher umbrella holder and cart bag cozy made it an even better experience for my stand bag on there.

    Don't get me wrong there are definitley times where I miss the electric but I appreciate the simplicity more.

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Have a S3 pro but use my wifeís s1 lite if itís a flat course - have an ultra light bag so makes no diff to me

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Got rid of my electric after battery fail then switch gear fail

    Have an iCart Uno 3 wheeler from ag now. Very easy to use, even on the more challenging terrain. Can't see any reason why I would go back.

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Have you checked that your electric trolley can't be used to freewheel? Without the battery its normally not too heavy so may be OK to use as a push trolley. Might be worth a go to see if you fancy making the jump before spending £100.

    Or just hire one the next time you play, usually £3/£5 for the hire of a push trolley. Its better to try it before you buy it.

    I use a Push Trolley and find it fine. The only issue is, as its so light a little gust of wind if its on a hill can cause stability issues...even when the brake is on. :P
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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I had used a stewart golf remote trolley for 10 years or so and decided last year to try a push trolley so looked around a bought a stewart golf push trolley. I've found it great so this year sold the electric remote trolley and haven't looked back. Just make sure you buy a 3 wheeler and not one of the 2 wheel trolleys most golf clubs rent out.

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I've a clic 3.0 and a motorcade s1 pro....

    Haven't used the clic since I got it.

    Battery always goes on charge when I get home; whilst the battery could remain on board when folded I remove it at the point of putting the gear in the car and refit on the reverse (if the rest of the gears staying in the car it works even better that way.)

    What I sometimes forget to charge is the skycaddie - or leave it in the being able to run it direct from the trolley helps no end!

    Clic is a different shape but overall the take down/put up is almost the same as the s1.

    But it's obviously horses for courses.
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    any old irons,
    Pick up balls....

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    Itís hardly an imposition to plug in a battery when you get home. Mine sits on a shelf next to the bag rack in the garage.
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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    for me, if you're playing somewhere with hills take the electric, i have a push trolley and its easier to carry around my course than push the damn thing. somewhere flat i reckon I'd use the push trolley. I'm with the others suggesting that you see if you have a free wheel option with your electric to see how you find it before dropping a hundred.

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    Re: Moving from Electric to Push Trolleys

    I have a clic gear 3.5 and it a great push trolley I struggle with it on the last few holes as the 16th and 17th are up hill. Iím tempted to actually get rid for a electric trolley as Iím sure it would save me a shot or two.
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