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    Re: What are you up to...........

    Tell a lie, I watched it on “The Windsor’s”. Very funny, and Harry Enfield plays Charles to a tee
    Forever trying.

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    Re: What are you up to...........

    Driving around Dorset.

    Whilst I knew it was happening soon, I genuinely had no idea of what day or time it was going to be.

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    Re: What are you up to...........

    Will be at home, cutting grass (if dry) repairing my garden shed door that a burglar wrecked last Saturday, powerwashing the mossy stuff off my roof, painting soffets, making meals for kids, washing, hoovering etc etc.
    Later if I get a chance and dont fall asleep will dip into the Scottish Cup Final and then FA Cup Final.
    Around lunchtime wont be at tv but happy to watch 10 minutes highlights of any wedding later on the news but not the whole thing live, have to attend one next month in cheshire knowing about 2 people there.....tedium... so that's more than enough. Wish them well, Harry seems like decent bloke, she's seems nice if a bit hollywood, hope they get control of that extended family of hers and her former other half in the tabloids....expect a good few will be looking to milk the cash cow of royal connection methinks.
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    Re: What are you up to...........

    Quote Originally Posted by bobmac View Post
    Plenty of people aren't playing golf so maybe not such a stupid question.
    Got priorites wrong then ain’t they!?

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    Re: What are you up to...........

    I'll be eating breakfast/lunch at Richings Park, ahead of our 12:40 tee time.
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    Re: What are you up to...........

    Probably about 5-6 holes in to the round and thinking about what I am going to get in for the days most important event.
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    Re: What are you up to...........

    There's 40 of us getting together and then getting sloshed - i like a bot of pomp and ceremony....
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    Re: What are you up to...........

    Got a tee time a 16:10, wor lass will be out with her mam, think I'll go into the loft to fit some strip lighting, might tidy the green house and plant some chillis, tis getting a little bit late, but only one or two plants, or I may wash the car, clean the gutters.

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    Re: What are you up to...........

    I’m at a soft play area with my tot, it’s been a while since I last saw him...

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    Re: What are you up to...........

    Enjoying it, Britain does pomp B well

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