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Thread: Club distances

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    Re: Club distances

    Shortest hitter in our group of 8.

    A lot of them guys use strong lifted irons so can even out a bit. Since I've had back problems I've definitely lost at least a club or 2.

    Sw 90
    Gap 110
    PW 120
    9i 130
    8i 140
    7i 150
    6i 160

    That's with no wind. Once there is wind involved I'm usually clubbing up quite a bit. we have very little roll in Ireland so most of the time you are talking carry and very little run unless you hit it in quite flat.

    Played our 9 hole course last night which is all par 3s.

    Hit 3 balls off each tee.

    Ball 1 - the club I need to fly to the pin. Normal shot.
    Ball 2 - 2 clubs up from what I hit ball 1 with.
    Ball 3 - 1 club up from ball 1. Drill it as low as I can and get it running. Wind shot.

    Was a useful fun exercise. Practiced normal iron strikes, controlled shots with plenty of club and also playing low running shots which will be useful on links.
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    Re: Club distances

    Quote Originally Posted by Cabby View Post
    ...and how many handicap players are good enough to know where to miss do you think ??

    There are a few holes on my track you don't want to be above the hole but when you're coming in with a 3/4/5 iron or hybrid, I'd guess most of them are quite happy to be in and around.
    I imagine most are good enough to know, but may be aren’t good enough to do

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    Re: Club distances

    [QUOTE=Liverpoolphil;1845006]From all the guys I have played with on the forum the consistent long hitter is Mendie , another who hit is true was Snelly , but one guy who is sneaky long is Sawtooth. Others around the same Handicap hit it regularly longer than me but the one thing I found I can do consistently a bit better than most is how often i ended up in the fairway - consistently find the fairway even if a good ten years behind most
    From what I have heard it’s your dress sense that is ten years behind
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    Re: Club distances

    Quote Originally Posted by Cabby View Post
    ...and how many handicap players are good enough to know where to miss do you think ??
    We should be, that is what course management is about. I know at my track I will always play on the cautious side of things. If the pin is near the front of the green on some holes, I will tend to play a bit longer knowing that if I catch it properly I will have an easy 2 putt, or if I don’t quite get it properly I will still be on the green. Cause there are a few holes where coming up short is gonna take some kind of Mickelson magic to get up and down.

    I think at times people should forget about distance to the pin and look at how far it is to the middle. Better to aim for the middle, come up a club short and be on the fringe, than coming up a club short and being in a deep bunker.

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    Re: Club distances

    According to my shot tracking app

    Driver - 229
    3 Hybrid - 198
    4 Hybrid - 174
    5 iron - 159
    6 iron - 160
    7 iron - 158
    8 iron - 147
    9 iron - 135
    PW - 117
    52 - 89
    56 - 80
    60 - 64

    What that tells me is that I don't often hit a good 5 or 6 iron I have had a few out there at the expected 170 and 180 yds but I tend to just use my 4 hybrid instead as I can get it anywhere between 170 and 200 yards if I really step on it, I should invest in a 5 hybrid.
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    Re: Club distances

    Not overly long myself..
    pw 95-105.
    7 iron 140-150
    driver 50-220.
    Everything else varies according to how my game is on that day.
    Forever trying.

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    Re: Club distances

    I have no idea now, improved my swing a lot and hardly play so usually calibrate off my first few good shots of a round. If i am short I club up, long club down.

    This works for the most part and used it in my first round of the year last week. I got it right early on leading to some good shots but found myself overclubbing later in the round then i started underclubbing towards the end.
    Playing at Cambridge Lakes, practising my short game with my V-Easy and my Ping Zing Redwood (Putter for life)

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    Re: Club distances

    Search golf monthly forum meet into you tube and you will see why this bunch of fat, overweight, unfit and botched swing formers believe that no-one who isn't on tour can hit a driver past 200yards...

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    Re: Club distances

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Woods View Post
    Search golf monthly forum meet into you tube and you will see why this bunch of fat, overweight, unfit and botched swing formers believe that no-one who isn't on tour can hit a driver past 200yards...
    Good Lord!

    Are the children on school holidays already?

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    Re: Club distances

    Comparisons of club distances are a bit difficult because different manufacturers' use different lofts and shaft lengths for the 'numbered' clubs. Means one maker's 7i will be another's 6i.

    Use the club that will get it in the fairway at a position for the next shot - not lost in the c--p through giving it everything!

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