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Thread: Chit chat

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    Chit chat

    Do you have a favourite topic of conversation on the course, especially on those long boring 5 hour rounds?
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    Re: Chit chat

    I find I always talk about golf (same off course I'm obsessed) or just run of the mill chat about day to day stuff, if I'm with my friends its just slagging each other for 4 hours
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    Re: Chit chat

    We talk about You Uncle Bob 😂😂😎👍👍❤️
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    Re: Chit chat

    No it will vary greatly especialy in our usual group..
    In group with strangers it wil usualy b more golf based chat

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    Re: Chit chat

    Just golf-focused banter really. Bemoaning how badly I've/we've played usually. If it's a friendly round, then taking the mick out of each other does the job.
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    Re: Chit chat

    Varies wildly from "why can't I hit the ball" to "did you see that?!" and back again.
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    Re: Chit chat

    Mainly just insults and mickey taking when with my usual group.

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    Re: Chit chat

    I asked a pro this question once, we were playing in a pro-am. He was low level, not the big tours. "s?x, all the time" was his response without even thinking. Ha ha. Perhaps being away from home playing golf all the time makes them a bit frustrated .

    If new partners then I will ask about past clubs, others that I know then different courses they have played, other golf chatter. Football is always a good go to topic. I generally avoid work chat.
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    Re: Chit chat

    You mean, you actually talk on the golf course?

    hm ... the weather for sure ... the current happenings at the club ... tv sometimes or movies, depending on who I am playing with ... wildlife sightings on the course (Oh look, there's that turtle again!)... when I play with strangers it is a lot of the ususal "What do you do for a livinig?" and "Where else do you play?" etc.

    But I really don't talk that much during a round. I am normally quite happy to just play when it is my turn and to look about enjoying nature the rest of the time.
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    Re: Chit chat

    Insults, praise, insults, “yeah, nice shot”, insults, banter, women, new bar girl, insults, “good putt”, “ffs”, insults, bandits, weather, sweaty balls, beer.

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