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Thread: Too much golf

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    Re: Too much golf

    I tend to try and play as much as the wife will let me.....
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    Re: Too much golf

    Not long back in and I'm feeling it I think I'll start one day on one day off type of play so I have the window of recovery time, its the hills if it was a flat course I think I'd be fine
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    Re: Too much golf

    I long ago reached the age when two days in row was out the question. These days trips to the range a very rare thing and I just about manage some pitching and chipping practice on the odd occasion.

    I play 2-3 times a week and often have a week or so with no play at all, just to rest the body.
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    Re: Too much golf

    I play 2 comps a year with 36 holes in one day. Happy not to see the course for a week after them.

    Rarely manage more than 1 round a week under normal circumstances, so not an issue I face.
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    Re: Too much golf

    When I lost my job a decade ago I was out of work for about eight months, just as the summer started. Played every afternoon after working hard on chasing agencies, looking online, making calls etc. As I had a decent redundancy I wasn't busting a gut too much but had to make it look like I was trying to HID. Got into a swing of things and didn't struggle with the body feeling it or ever getting bored. Not sure I could do more than five days at a push now though

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    Re: Too much golf

    Blimey there's some unfit chaps on here A week ago got back from Scotland where we played 6 days on the bounce , drove home with the caravan last Tuesday over 8 hours worth. Worked two day mowing lawns then played 27 holes scratch golf Friday and two 18 holes the weekend , nay bad for a nearly 59 er

    Oh and 18 holes tomorrow in the Fiddle and then 2 hours lawn mowing

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    Re: Too much golf

    Depends on the course, mines is quite hilly so normally we only play 9 or 10 holes the day before a medal. But this week we played 11 holes Monday, 18 today in our Tuesday medal.

    Tomorrow, Wednesday were of to play in the Buchanan Castle seniors 4bbb.
    Then maybe 9 holes on Thursday and hopefully 18 in our Friday medal .
    Then home to relax in a hot bubbly Jacuzzi and a few Brandies .
    BTW I'm 71 and had a hard life lol: cheers:
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    Re: Too much golf

    I'd play 7 days a week, 365 days a year if I could!

    In all seriousness, I've played loads in the last few weeks and I feel the pain of 'over golfing'. I tend to find a break in between every 3 rounds helps me. I typically play 4/5 times a week during the summer months

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    Re: Too much golf

    I played a 36 hole Comp on Saturday then 18 on Sunday by which time my feet were hurting a bit. I would happily go out again though if time/ life allowed.
    I reckon I would get golfed out after 4 days playing my home course but if on tour I can’t see me getting fed up at all.
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    Re: Too much golf

    I began playing golf just over four years ago and play at least several times a week throughout the year. I played eight days in a row in April and played the sixth day straight today with comps arranged for tomorrow and Thursday. I am 72, and playing consecutive days is not the problem, it's starting again after a two day break that I find hard as muscle flexibility disappears very quickly.

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