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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Ecco Biom Hybrids here too. Amazing shoe...especially with the goretex. Have worn them all year round and had no issues.

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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Another Ecco Biom Hybrid thing I have ever put on my feet. They are as comfortable as my slippers. That being said, I value them to much to be wearing them trekking through mud. Traditional spiked shoes for winters as they give better grip. I have tried the Ecco's in winter and they never slipped but I just feel uneasy exposing such good shoes to the brutalities of winter

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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Great thanks. I think I'll stick with spikes. The steep slopes thing is an issue and I don't mind spikes during the summer.

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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Quote Originally Posted by clubchamp98 View Post
    We have some quite steep slopes at the side of our greens .
    Spikeless are really dangerous on these slopes some guys have been hurt!
    So it depends where you play .
    Flatish course ok all year
    Hilly course ok when dry but soft spikes for me in the wet.

    Spikeless are not really dangerous that is your opinion.

    Personally never had an issue with spikeless shoes, never slipped and I've played a good few goat tracks in honking weather conditions. Slips can happen anywhere with any footwear and its usually down to not paying enough attention to the ground conditions as apposed to the footwear.
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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Having never owned a pair of spikeless, ive Always wondered how long they last. When my spikes wear down I just replace them. How much wear can spikeless shoes take before they become a bit slippy? For instance if you just had one pair, how long would they last playing twice a week through the summer?

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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    One of my mates went a cropper a couple of weeks ago. He was wearing spikeless and it was only a tiny little mound but it was when the course was reaching waterlogged conditions in places.

    I wear them in the dry but go to cleats when it is wet.
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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    FJ hyperflex in the winter and Ecco spikeless in the summer for me. The Ecco shoes are like wearing comfy!

    I have my eye on a pair of FJ pro SL though!

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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Everything safety wise comes down to the nature of the surface.

    Typical heartland, and most links, and it's the grip on the surface layer that counts; and good spikeless soles (Ecco are an example) can outperform most spiked soles.

    Bring clay into the equation and for a lot of situations your grip on the surface layer isn't going to help- it will simply shear under load and you will be sliding! Crampons are the only real solution here as most metal spikes simply aren't long enough to be much assistance, including stingers etc
    The answer here includes staying of slippery bans regardless of your shoes!

    Wet conditions are more about the waterproof nature of the shoes overall, and mud or grass cuttings (or both) can clog up many designs. Then it comes down to recognising the conditions and having the right choices available!
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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    I wear ecco golf shoes to work every day. Have worn the same pair for 4 years. The soles are wearing a bit. Prior to this i wore leather soled shoes. 4 months, the soles wore out. Plastic soled shoes, a year tops. The carpets at work are mega abrasive.

    So, there are guys out there that think a season, walking on grass, will wear spikeless shoes out? Really? Its grass, not sandpaper!

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    Re: Spikeless Golf Shoes

    I always used to wear cleats in the wet and winter, until I bought some biom goretex golf shoes from Ecco, I have them to be excellent in the wet conditions, would def recommend them.
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