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    Driving distance

    Hi guys. So today I went in my local golf simulator with the sole aim of driving over 300 yards. I hit about 8 shots with 3 different drivers and kept the best 5 to compare.

    My own driver is a titleist 915 D2 10.5 stiff.

    Average stats were 13.2 launch angle, 2122 spin, 243 carry and 272 total dist. (284 max)

    2nd driver was a 2017 M1 9.5 set at 8.0 stiff.

    Average stats were 13.4 launch, 1218 spin, 253 carry and 279 total dist (289 max)

    And the 3rd was a callaway rogue 10.5 stiff.

    Average stats 12.4 launch angle, 1892 spin, 259 carry and 283 average total dist. (291 max)

    The M1 and rogue were just there in the studio and I decided to try them out. What I thought was really interesting was especially with the M1 how massively low the spin rates were yet I still managed to get a decent average total distance. And the rogue was similar with higher spin rates and more distance. My titleist was the closest to the ‘optimum’ rates which are apparently between 2400-2600 with a launch angle between 11-13 degrees yet had the shortest average distance and I can’t see me hitting over 300 yards with that club. However if I were to get properly fitted for an M1/2 or a callaway rogue/epic I think 300yards could certainly be achievable. And before I decide to go spending £350 on a driver would love to know what you guys think? Thanks.

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    Re: Driving distance

    Welcome to the forum!

    How was the dispersion..?
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    Re: Driving distance

    Quote Originally Posted by Imurg View Post

    How was the dispersion..?

    Gaming it is what matters, getting it in play, anyone can let rip in a bay.

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    Re: Driving distance

    Thanks guys.. so to be fair I’ve been struggling of late with a little bit of an over-draw, this was apparent in all 3 clubs but no one club was drastically different than the other. Looking at the stats all 3 clubs suffered between 3-27 yards off line, but as you can imagine my only aim was distance so accuracy was always going to suffer. The M1 was set at ridiculously low loft, not something I would ever choose for myself but one thing I will say is on my bad hits such as off the toe or heel, with the titleist I would loose 20-30 yards but I didn’t seem to lose much distance at all with the M1 or Rogue.

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    Re: Driving distance

    Dude, you're hitting it 270 with your Titleist, work on keeping it straight rather than getting it long, it'll make a massive difference when playing your next shot.

    As it happens I also have a 915, D3 though, and ain't short either, getting it in play is my goal, guess what, over drew two tonight, they were long but so what, they were in the trees,

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    Re: Driving distance

    Yeah I completely agree with that, accuracy over distance everytime.. but the other drivers weren’t any ‘less’ accurate but gave more distance. I feel if I were to be properly fitted I would be gaining more than I’m losing when it comes to accuracy and distance, the question I have is it worth paying the money? Even if a properly fitted driver gave me an extra 15-20 yards and was more forgiving I would never pay new release prices, I’d go as far as £200-250 2nd hand.

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    Re: Driving distance

    I've just asked the question in another topic about spin rates, those two under 2000 seem very low which I understand can have serious effect upon side spin.

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    Re: Driving distance

    To hit it over 300 with those carry numbers you better hit the links.

    What was your club head speed?
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    Re: Driving distance

    Welcome to the forum chap. Quick question - would you say driving is the strongest part of your game? What's the obsession with the 300? Other than it being an excellent movie.
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    Re: Driving distance

    apart from all the optimum launch conditions you would need to carry the ball 300 yards (only around 1% of index players can hit it that far)

    2 important #'s left out of the OP are what's the true CHS & Ball Speed that's been delivered at impact?

    unless the drive is being hit on rock hard ground to get anywheres near 300+ yards drive - the carry distance is goin to have to be up around & over the 285 yard mark at least as a ball park figure

    what's your handicap index?
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