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    Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    Might seem an odd question. But i was looking at the coaches answer to a Question, and his clubs are all brands. woods, irons, wedges and putter. Not not knowing him but having read his knowledgable reponses. He is not tied to one “brand”. So would imagine he has the best for his game.
    However, pros are tied to a brand. Is it the best for them. Some thought Rory went backwards when he changed from Titliest.
    Which is debatable.
    But what about us mere mortals. Does brand loyalty mean that we are not getting the best out of what we are buying. Do we still buy blind on the basis of loyalty.

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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    Regardless of what is in my signature, my current line up is all Callaway, with my mac daddy 2 wedges, and my apex pro irons. I even play with Callaway hex tour balls from 2006.

    I hurt my game more come the spring, when my blades come back out, and I go to a non matching set up.

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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    It's a fair point. I have never been fitted but buy what suits my eye. If it is a disaster it goes on ebay, if not it stays in the bag. Something out there could be better but if I don't like the look of it then I'm not getting it. The same applies to those who get fitted I would think. If you like Ping you go to a Ping fitter not a Mizuno one. Mizuno could be the answer to all of your problems, ha ha.
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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    I know I am a bit of a heretic here, but I really don't think the difference between the different brands is that great. It will make a difference if you hit blades or forgiving cavity back irons. It might also make a difference, if you hit a driver from 20 years ago or a relatively current one. But I really doubt that it matters much if those clubs are made by Taylormade, Cobra, Mizuno, Callaway or Titleist. Yes, ideally, you'd have a brand independent club fitter who knows all models by all different manufacturers, but I think, a good fitter will make for example a Mizuno club work for you by tweaking loft, lie, shaft etc. Same goes for golfballs. I challenge everyone to tell two three piece urethane balls from different manufcturers apart on feel and performance alone if the logoswere hidden/stripped.
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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    I think many do buy purely from one brand. Its up to them, but I suspect 95% of those who do stick to one brand dont play clubs that best suits them or would give them the best chance to score better.
    Their money, their choice.
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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    I have no loyalty to any shaft manufacturer, which only leaves the question as to just how fitted I got, and how up to date I keep myself with this regard.....

    The answer to there latter question is really the answer to the I have no intention of constantly getting fitted for the exact best combination, and set up, of currently available clubs there's scant point in doing it at all!

    I've a number of sets of irons from different manufacturers and a range of shafts in the workshop....every now and then I take a few 7 irons down the range and see if the current bag needs a change (which co-incidentally I did earlier in the week and have swapped out the Rocketbladz Tour irons with KBS T shafts for some old irons with 85g stiff graphite shafts in). Could I get fitted for a set of something else and gain something, probably. Would it change my handicap, unlikely.
    So I keep on doing what I feel comfortable doing.
    some metal woods,
    any old irons,
    Pick up balls....

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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    I have no brand loyalty really. I have a TM driver because I tried a second hand and it was easier to hit than anything I'd used before. I have Callaway Steelhead irons because I tried them out and they felt nicer than the TM M2s or the Ping G400s that I also tried. I have an Odyssey putter because I did a putter fitting and that one gave decent results. I have Cleveland wedges just by opportunity really (bought both individually for what I considered bargain prices). So yeah, no loyalty problems for me.

    I don't see it being a huge problem for the Pros either, except if they're using something really stupid - like how Bubba recently won a tournament since he stopped using the Volvik ball, that probably wasn't a coincidence. But I think the best players could still win tournaments with any of the top manufacturer's irons.
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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    Guilty as charged your honour !!!! Although conversely there's brands out there that would probably benefit my game that I just won't touch. Naïve - yes, Vain - possibly.
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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    Not really for me, still playing callaway x14, original tight lie wood clubs from back when. All because they work rather than on looks or brand or like.

    Changed the putter from Two ball original to a more modern version and very recently to Envroll, the changes were made due to making alignment easier rather than brand.

    My driver I have changed from TM 360 to Cobra z+ to 2016 M2HL, I have to confess that the last change was because I liked the look of the M2, rather than the cobra z+ not working.

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    Re: Does brand loyalty affect your game.

    As my signature says. No brand loyalty from me. The only things in my bag that match are the 7-PW (Mizuno), the 1 wood and 3 wood, TM M1 and currently the hybrids Titleist 818s.
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