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    A penalty every week

    When I started watching football in the early 70's, it was a rarity to see a penalty awarded.
    This was also the same in the 80's and to an extent in the 90's.
    Now however every week a penalty is awarded in the premier league. It strikes me as a farce
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    Re: A penalty every week

    And at the same time players would go straight through others in a tackle. The game has moved on, just as everything in life and sport has.
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    Re: A penalty every week

    Players are far more inclined, these days, to dive, cheat and con the ref.

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    Re: A penalty every week

    I find it embarrassing where you hear them say "I felt contact so I went down"

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    Re: A penalty every week

    Quote Originally Posted by Slime View Post
    Players are far more inclined, these days, to dive, cheat and con the ref.
    Seems that way BUT it creates controversy and so gives fans something to discuss and chat and moan about.

    At least we dont have backpasses to the goalkeeper who would pick up anymore, rose-tinted specs are fine when looking back but that 'tactic' made for terrible viewing when I was young. Also offside used to be 'off' if you were level with the last defender, now you're 'on' if you're level which is better.

    Just saying there have been improvements too.

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    Re: A penalty every week

    Its not just the PL, they have been on the rise (apart from the odd blip) across the whole of Europe for the last 10-15 years.

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    Re: A penalty every week

    In the 70s the offside rule was totally different and the number of defenders considerably fewer, so the likely hood of something actually happening inside the box was considerably less.
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    Re: A penalty every week

    That's my favourite bet in the SPL, next goal method " penalty " especially games featuring Celtic or Rangers [ but only if i can watch the game live on TV ] . You can normally see how hard the tackles are flying in, then bet live inplay .
    The odds starts at 10/ 1, then go up every 15 mins or so.
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