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    When and will i ever return?

    Ok the title sounds rather dramatic but is it.

    I think it was back in November time that i had a back spasm whilst dead lifting in the gym and since then i have had 5 more whilst doing the most
    simplest of things,for example brushing the kitchen floor and lifting a rubbish bag.

    I have been to the Chiropractor 9 times since at £37 a time.

    This week i have been to the doctors and had some x-rays,i will return next week for the results and im expecting a course of Physio in a few weeks time.

    One thing that is worrying me is the future and what it brings and wether i will be able to do the things i love doing as my back just goes now for the simplest of reasons.

    According to the chiropractor the back is strong so the leaks that are causing the problem are in other areas.
    Its going to be a long road back i feel.
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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    Ughh, hope you get it sorted dude! Touch wood, never had back problems, but remember my mum used to have them all the time, Wouldn't wish it on anyone!

    Take care of yourself, sounds like a good excuse to put your feet up! No more sweeping up!
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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    Sorry to hear Tony but good luck with everything mate

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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    I had a similar issue last year caused by deadlifting too.....put my out of action for 5-6 weeks I think, but am all good now.

    Just out of interest, what weight were you pulling?

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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    I've printed this thread off in case I have the urge to visit the Gym!!

    (seriously, hope it sorts it self out soon!)
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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    Last time I had a very serious back injury, final straw, done by bending down to pick up a piece of paper in very cold conditions it was months before I could contemplate doing anything that put a lot strain on back and it was 9 months before I played golf again.

    It has 'gone' several times since. These days if there is any sign that what I am doing could cause it to go I immediately stop what I am doing. In golf for example I have walked in before reaching the 2nd green at the extreme and many times after just 5 or 6 holes.

    It first happened over 20 years ago it has curtailed what I do but it has not stopped me from doing everything.
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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    I get regular back spasms and wifey was immobilised after the birth of our lad, physically could not move. We both get regularly chucked around at Aikido and play as much golf as we can these days. Best thing to do aside from gettnig it sorted, is work out some good core exercises that you can do, and do them every day. You'll be good to go.

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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    nasty, had one a couple of years ago couldn't move for almost 2 weeks. Drugs were amazing though

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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    Take care mate and hope you're sorted soon

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    Re: When and will i ever return?

    The problem with back issues is they pretty much stay around

    Itís all about managing them and strengthing the core especially. Ever since suffering a back injury a number of years back I have suffered with spasms , sciatica , constant pain at times. I also have some arthritis around L3/4.

    Anytime I drive more than 1 hour then itís painful for a while.

    The things I do to help -

    Pilates and Yoga
    Deep water running
    Sports massage
    Painkillers and anti inflammatories
    Good mattress
    Warm up and stretches

    At the moment itís keeping me away from any surgery but itís going to happen at one stage

    Get the core sorted to help protect the back - Pilates and Yoga are superb for that

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