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    Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    What’s the worst score you’ve had in a match and still won the hole? I played a league match last year and we were both a bit better than our handicaps after 10 holes. Then we both proceeded to hit every tree on the 11th hole including 5 off the tee for me and 3 for him. I eventually won with a 10 to his 11, made even funnier as I was giving him one shot and he thought it was on that hole until I pointed out it was on the 12th. We settled down after that and both pretty much played to handicap. Think I won 1 up.

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    Re: Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    At my first club there was a par 5 with OB all the way up the right.
    It was blowing pretty hard left to right and the drive is quite tight.
    We had a match against another local club and my group halved the hole in 9's but one group halved in 14's......
    So many balls OB - went over the fence the next day and retrieved 25 balls from a 15 yard radius.....
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    Re: Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    Playing a club match last summer, we were all square going up 18. Its an easy short par 4, you can pretty much guarantee a par if not a birie chance every time you play it. Pressure must have got to us both as I ended up winning the hole with a 7

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    Re: Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    As long as you take one less it doesn't matter. I think a 7 on a par 3 was the best I can do. Partner had bunker issues and then thinned one into a hazard.

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    Re: Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    Best I can do is winning a par 5 with a 9! It was shameful but as Homer says, as long as its one less it doesn't matter!

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    Re: Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    I was two up in a matchplay and struggling on a par five. Hacked it all down the left. He hacked it all down the right. I had all on counting my shots never mind his. We got to the pin and I thought here we are one up with three to play. ( i was two up at that point) I dropped a 20 footer for a nine. He had shot ten. I remember a pal telling me the day before to just keep goin. We halved the next and I won 3 and 2. He was a bit of a bandit and the whole pit took the micky outta him. I lost in the next round.🙁

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    Re: Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    Didn't win it but halved a par 4 in seven last weekend.
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    Re: Ran up a 10 - still won the hole

    Last weekend on the par 3 6th at Conway(fairly easy hole), Adam lost his ball off the tee and couldn't be bothered. I thinned my pitch into the rough out the back of the green(from a bad tee shot) and couldn't find my ball, so blobbed. My wife was in the greenside bunker for 2 and she then proceeded to take umpteen shots trying to get out, then just picked up[hasten to add me being a good husband and Adam being a good son, did not laugh at all at the bunker shots]

    We decided to half the hole with three blobs.

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