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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    You can pick up plenty of information that will help you in your next shot so it pays to pay attention to what you playing partner does.

    Did the wind hold it up? did it bounce much on landing?

    When you play with guys often you pretty much know what club they are likely to hit within reason. If they come up well short you can adjust your own clubbing off the back of that.

    That and I just enjoy watching the other people play.
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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    I usually work very hard on not even knowing my own score (at least when I keep a card. when not, I normally keep track of my nett score as in how many shots I am over or under my handicap). If I am a marker in a comp, I write the players score on every hole down, obviously, but I don't add it up or worry about how many shots he or she has on that hole. And I get absolutely freaking mad when my marker tells me something like "oh, you are three under for the round" after 9 holes. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!!!!

    I do have a general feeling how well my pp are doing, of course, but sometimes their demeanor fools me. I remember a time when I was playing with a guy who was growling and mumbling at himself the whole time, slammed his club on the ground etc. You would have thought he was having the worst round of his life. Until in the end he walked away with 42 netto points and a first place.
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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    Quote Originally Posted by HomerJSimpson View Post
    I don't really keep a tab on it other than marking a score on the card. The best golfers I've ever played with, you get to the turn add the front nine and realise they are par or near and wonder how? They simply go about making a score.
    So true. It never looks spectacular or anything, it's just quiet consistency with the minimum of fuss. You just look back at the score and go 'oh bloody hell, he was only 3 over par'.
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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    In strokeplay I'm only really thinking of my opponents score on a hole-by-hole basis - generally I don't keep track of his overall score as the round progresses.
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    ...well from 10.0 to 9.4 this year would be nice.

    And last medal of the year (Oct) saw me play to handicap but CSS was +1 so that was me down 0.2 from 8.3 to 8.1

    Job done

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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    Quote Originally Posted by Orikoru View Post
    I do that with one of my mates who's fun to wind up, only on friendly knocks though. "Whatever you do, don't focus on that huge expanse of water you've got to go over" - "this hole is the WORST for your slice as it's out of bounds on the right" - "out of bounds on the left here, but I wouldn't worry, I've never seen you hook it that badly. ever"
    That's just your normal banter though. We do it just the same but when he starts quoting all the scores towards the end he seems obsessed with trying to ensure the money comes his way.
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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    Generally if someone is doing well relative to par I'll know it and will be letting them get on with it as much as possible. If someone is miles over par but doing well relative to their handicap I probably won't know it until we tot up scores at the end.

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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    Quote Originally Posted by Cabby View Post
    Yep, me also.
    I can also recount 90% of them in the bar afterwards if you want... or don’t

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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    I mark the scores down and always show respect, doesn’t matter if he /she is having a good game or not.
    I never add up scores until after I finish and kindly ask others not to tell me my score, good or bad.
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    Re: Are you aware of your PP's score ??

    Played with a guy today. Admittedly he was marking the roll up card for the group but off 8 he was +2 gross (out in 23 points, level) and admittedly he was absolute top class in scrambling. I think he only failed to get up and down twice which were the dropped shots on the back. Granted, he hits the ball a country mile but his holing out and short game were brilliant. Had no idea until we (me and the captain who made the group up) counted back at half time and then at the end. Just got about his golf. Unassuming, and superb

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