I bought the PXG hybrids and am struggling with the fact that they appear to be extremely closed at address. I find i either have to open the face (or what appears to be open to me) at address and have this fear of the ball flying right or I hit them and they have this draw that I am not comfortable with.

I don't really know what makes them appear closed - maybe it's the offset? But my pxg irons are slightly offset and they don't appear closed at all. The fact that the head is just plain black (no lines to use for alignment) doesn't help at all. I've already moved ALL the weights to favor a fade, but the ball still draws from time to time. I hardly miss to the right (which is my normal miss).

1) Are hybrids normally closed at address?
2) Does anyone know of hybrid clubs that are SQUARE at address? Is there even such a thing?
3) Any experience hitting these?