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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Aahhh, so Mr Fowler wearing an untucked Hawaiian shirt is the cause of outrage. Very funny. Played his practice round in it, not just the range, shock horror.

    The upcoming captain at my club is a confirmed shirt out man, checked and cleared by the club so no 50's dress code violation, so if Ricky gets grief I'll make sure our captain invites him across.
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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Seems quite a reasonable shirt - even 'out' - for this particular tournament! Wouldn't expect to see it at The Masters though!

    As a dedicated Parrothead, I'm used to my heroes wearing Hawaiian shirts, though the shorts and flip-flops that JB also wears to perform are definitely non-starters for golf(ers)!
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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Some of the " guts" at our club would look less horrific if the shirt was "untucked"...and as someone said earlier .."some shirts are designed to be worn like that." I wonder if the PGA will comment?

    I went to Hawaii I n2000. I bought a silk Hawaiian shirt within 2 hours of getting there...everyone else had them on and I felt self conscious in a white polo!! Still got it and its a classic!

    Bit like when Tiger when collarless over ten years ago ....... golf still exists, no one died! Nothing to see here!
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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Quote Originally Posted by drive4show View Post
    Dress codes in the USA are generally much more relaxed than over here. Also, looks like he is on the range so quite likely he will be required to tuck his shirt in on the course.
    He wore it untucked in round I believe but i'm happy to be corrected. I def saw him wearing it on skys coverage and although I wasn't concentrating on as as I was working i'm sure it was rd1.
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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    If the dress code allows untucked shirts, then it's not a problem. If the dress code says shirts should be tucked in, they should be tucked in. It's really not all that difficult is it?
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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Some shirts are probably designed to be not tucked in and we probably all wear them away from the course, I certainly do, however, when golfing it's always tucked in. Primarily because I don't want anything flapping around down by my hands during my swing.


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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Looks like it needs and iron though
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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunkermagnet View Post
    Looks like it needs and iron though
    He needs Smiffy on his team

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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Its a good look imo, good for him, not one i could pull off Has he got an orange one?
    As long as he doesn't pair it with those horrendous trousers/boots he wore last year...

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    Re: The beginning of the end.....

    Well his shirt was tucked in last night - is that the end of the beginning?
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