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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunkermagnet View Post
    Just to follow up, the learner insurance co we used was Collingwood

    I have a referral code for those that can save you a little bit

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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    The boxes- one of my daughters mates just had his insurance cancelled by the insurer for too many 'infringements'.
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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    Quote Originally Posted by Coffey View Post
    It depends really.

    Some companies work differently on how they hand out their discounts. Some companies will take driving on another policy in good light and offer a reduced rate. Others will simply say that if the policies are not in your name then tough luck.

    I got my first car and first policy when I was about 20, had been driving on my parents policy for 2 years and my first quote was £1300.

    It dropped significantly the next year to about 700 and then started coming down slower than that (changed car to a much more expensive car as well). I would be surprised at 22 and having driving experience if it would be £1500, I would expect it to be lower than that. Try a few comparison sites and see what comes up. Always a good way of getting a starting point

    Another thing to consider is the address the car is registered at, I moved house this year and my policy went down by £120 (for 3 months insurance). I changed car and was told that i would have to pay £300 for the remaining 3 months of the year, moved house at the same time and now the quote was for £180. And that was moving 10 mins down the road.
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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    Quote Originally Posted by need_my_wedge View Post

    Should he get own policy or better to be a named driver on mine?
    Is there a good car that automatically brings the insurance down?
    Particular good Insurer for first timers?

    My opinion would be to get them as main driver. Need to be careful if they are a named driver that you are not fronting for them, as it's illegal and can nullify claims.
    As others have said, it's not always the car - underwriting is done on much broader risks, and the main one is the driver's propensity to cause other damage, particularly injury.
    I've used a black box insurer for my daughter, made an enormous difference. Makes me think twice when I drive her car occasionally too!
    Use a comparison site, and play with the additional drivers. You may well be surprised at the difference adding parents/grandparents/siblings makes. But be aware it also raises flags re fraud too (they can track your online behaviour) , so you might be questioned when you take it out - but it's perfectly legitimate to investigate their underwriting assumptions.
    And finally, price isn't always king IMO. The moment of truth is when you claim. Service should be a much bigger differentiator in my opinion.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.
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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    Update. Contacted Collingwood as recommended by BunkerMagnet. They offer learner only policies and come in about £284 for three months. Once he passes his test, he has to cancel the policy there and they refer to (They also do an annual policy but haven't got a quote from them on that because assuming he passes within the year, there are admin fees and stuff to cancel the policy).

    Contacted Autosaint, they also do a learner policy, a bit more expensive than collingwood, but they also do an annual policy that starts as a learner with a provisional licence. On the day he passes his test, he phones them and they convert to full licence with no admin or upward charges. No claims starts tracking from day one as a provisional holder. The quote I was given comes in at £1330 for the year, much better.

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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    Another thing that can save you a little money, Many people say their car is kept in a garage (when i reality it never is, but you think its more secure) Its actually more expensive to insure a car in a locked garage than on a driveway. Insurers pay out more for garage dings etc!! May save a few quid.
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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    grab an old banger

    insure as a named driver

    if they write it off buy a new car .. dont claim
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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    Quote Originally Posted by pauljames87 View Post
    grab an old banger

    insure as a named driver

    if they write it off buy a new car .. dont claim
    That works until the car they hit is a new one and the repair cost is £10k and the claim for injury another £5k and the insurance refuse to pay out...

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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    Try Admiral Multi-Car Insurance ........................ it worked for me!
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    Re: Young Driver - First Car - First insurance

    We just renewed our daughters insurance and removed ourselves as named drivers from her policy. The premium went down. If we need to drive her car, which rarely happens, we are insured third party from our own separate policies anyway.

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