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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    Two's are optional, paid on your card after entering the comp via the computer. Winnings go back on the card.

    Not everyone enters as our par 3's are all a little long. If the wind is up then I don't bother either, for this very reason. The par 3's are a weakness imo.

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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    Optional in club comps and free in seniors comps.

    Club gets cash you on your account and seniors gets you balls which sometimes can be converted to cash on your pro shop a/c.
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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    Comp fees are automatically deducted off the members account/bar card. 2's comp entry and its fee is an added seperate option and non compulsory.
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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    My old club was automatic entry - £4 for comp inc two's

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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    Quote Originally Posted by anotherdouble View Post
    Our 2's are separate and down to each individual
    This ^^^^
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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    £5 for the comp and 2's.

    I believe you can opt out of the 2's but I never have and everyone I've ever played with has been in the 2's. Our par 3's aren't too long and we do get quite a few 2s but as everyone normally enters the money is pretty good
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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    No charge for any of the competitions and optional £2 for two's and £2 for the sweep.
    I tend to think of my entry for the two's is more of a contribution to other entrants coffers

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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    Separate - only enter if you want to. £1 to enter and usually winnings of £16-£20 per 2 - put onto our Shop Account (which can be used for comp entries as well as shop purchases)
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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    Two’s are separate and are cash in the Pro shop.

    We briefly had a comp account and a bar account off a club card. Complete waste of time, now it’s a single account which works much better.
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    Re: Competition Entry fee includes 2's Club

    £4 entry fee at our place of which £1 automatically goes into the 2's reality the 2's entry is optional.....but in 17 years membership I've never known a single person to refuse to pay.

    Whilst it is probably fair (having had a quick peruse of comp results from this past year) to say that the players who score 2's tend to be at the lower end of the handicap scale (relative to the overall entry demographic) there have been a couple of occasions where only 1 two has been recorded and 18+ handicap players have walked away with the entire pot.

    I guess that entry into the 2's sweep at our place is pretty much part of the fabric of the club....all money won goes into the club shop (which isan integral part of the club and not run by a pro for his sole benefit) and players often spend what they have "in the book" as part of a larger purchase....which in turn helps the shop and the club to prosper.
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