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    8 of us play a snake side bet. The last person to 3 putt pays. But what if someone 3 putts and another 4 putts on #18 do they split the snake or does the 4 putt loose. What if a person 4 putts on #17 and another 3 putts on #18. does the 3 putt lose? If so that would make a 3 putt better than a 4 putt... how do you guys play the snake?

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    Re: Snake

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunboss View Post
    If so that would make a 3 putt better than a 4 putt...
    A 3 putt isn't great but surely better than a 4 putt.. however by your rules, the last person to 3 putt loses..?

    And how often do you 4 putt? The last time I did that was in 1983 on a farmers field of a course.
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    Re: Snake

    On the 18th you all have to putt out in order and last to putt ends up with the snake

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