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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    Quote Originally Posted by Yant View Post
    In my opinion, a junior winning the club championships takes away from the gravitas that the winner should hold.

    Not in a Scratch Comp surely?

    If a net event was won off 54, I can understand it, but that's not age based, that's a comment about handicap.
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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    I don't think junior subs have anything to do with the comps, your subs do not pay for the comps, your entry fee does. In addition I would mention that there is a lot of phasing in of membership costs from junior to 'full level' at clubs now, does that mean those 20 year olds should not be allowed as well.

    I can understand the outlook of they are rapidly improving golfers but tbh that's the same for any new player to the game. So again think hmmm not really a valid reason.

    I am glad that Adam(now 16) is at sensible looking clubs, which allow juniors to enter the comps. He won the net golf champs PM round at one of the clubs, and was buzzing from it and played really well in order to win it.

    He loves playing with juniors and also in the proper comps, along with playing with new people and has made many 'adult friends' as a result. Been great for him, his confidence, his outlook at life and so on.

    So yeah, juniors should be allowed to play in all comps but then I am all in favour of all comps being mixed comps, as the old school 'men/ladies/juniors banners are just what they are old school imho'

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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    Quote Originally Posted by Yant View Post
    In my opinion, a junior winning the club championships takes away from the gravitas that the winner should hold.
    I agree with a lot of the comments on this thread but not this one. The club champion should be the best golfer......period. Doesn't matter if it is a senior lady or a junior male, if they shoot the lowest gross score over 36 holes then so be it.

    But regular comps are different. Men cannot enter junior or ladies comps, juniors cannot enter senior comps etc. I think a lot of the reasoning is based around junior golfers whose handicaps are tumbling rapidly when they are new to the game and can shoot crazy nett scores and that can hack off a lot of people who have steady handicaps.

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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    Scratch comps IMO if your good enough your old enough.

    If a 16yo can shoot a 67 then why canít they be club champ if the next best player can only nip round in level par or 1 under? Takes away from being club champ if your not actually the best?

    Handicap comps I agree needs some limitations as juniors improve quickly compared to similar handicapped adults (generally speaking).

    What that limitation is depends on the club an senior/junior membership sizes.

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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    Quote Originally Posted by IanM View Post
    Why does a Junior have to be better than most of the other entrants?

    Our can play and are encouraged to do so... asked to play with Adult Members too.... integrates them into the Club
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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Barzini View Post
    "If you're good enough, you're old enough".
    I agree with the above completely, I never won a Junior event but my first win in a field with adults came at the age of 13. Current H' Cap 1.7

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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    Juniors are allowed to play in our comps but there has to be one adult player in the group.

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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    No issue from me, I think after 5 rounds they also should be able to win also.

    When I was a junior off 6 I took down captains day by two shots 42pts yet club rules no junior could win a board comp. So 1990 has a name that never actually won on the day @Hinckley 😕 I did get paid tho.

    Took me a long time to get that out of my head ! Sport is for all, your just stopping the growth and holding them back.
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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    There is no definition of a Junior in either the Rules of Golf or the CONGU manual.

    Prior to the introduction of the ESR and supplemental cards there was certainly an argument regarding the capability of younger golfers to improve faster than the handicapping system could keep up - that is no longer the case.

    Interestingly we have seen more supplemental activity from juniors than any other group; the competitive ones want to get their handicap down more than winning a stableford comp! If only everyone had that mentality...

    On fees, most clubs now have junior, and intermediate, fee reductions - some even go as far as discounting couples memberships! Presumably those concerned about members who aren't paying the full rate advocate banning all such membership categories from some, or all competitions?

    Now, I can see a case for not permitting junior ladies from playing in 'men's competition's' but a young man is exactly that; and should be encouraged to participate and welcomed by the membership as a whole.

    Finally, seniors hold senior comps at most clubs, where others are excluded - are those over a certain age also excluded from these 'men's competitions'?
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    Re: Juniors in Menís comps

    I believe that juniors can enter competitions at our place, but they are not eligible for prizes

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