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Thread: Golf ball types

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    Golf ball types

    I think I can probably guess the answer but why do many balls say 'soft feel' or 'extra soft'?
    Is it to do with getting better feel when using wedges? If so, does it adversely affect distance when using the driver?
    I'm not good enough for it to make any difference to me, just interested to know.

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    Re: Golf ball types

    Probably to sell more. Same as manufacturers that put "tour" on the ball. Not sure how many Dunlop's are on tour!

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    Re: Golf ball types

    Most balls that say that mean that. Whether or not they affect driver distance depends very much on your swing speed. With quite a few types of player it means that they actually get more distance with a softer ball.

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    Re: Golf ball types

    When i was using wilson balls i tried dx2 dx3 i preffered the dx3 as felt the dx2 was spongy of the driver.

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    Re: Golf ball types

    Quote Originally Posted by bigslice View Post
    When i was using wilson balls i tried dx2 dx3 i preffered the dx3 as felt the dx2 was spongy of the driver.
    Agree with this the DX3 is nice but the DX2's felt like hitting a pudding... horrible

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    Re: Golf ball types

    It generally indicates a low compression ball but can also refer to the cover, the two are different things though.
    For example the Pro V1x is a fairly high compression ball but has a soft cover that helps with spin and feel on short game shots while the Callaway Big Bertha is a low compression ball but has a hard cover.

    The below is a good guide to many commonly found balls (US).
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