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    Re: It's a very small world

    We were in Harry Potter area at Islands of Adventure in Florida and met a former neighbour who had emigrated to Australia a couple of years earlier !
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    Re: It's a very small world

    Few years back now, we got my wife a new car and part exchanged her Honda Civic during the deal.

    A couple of months later, I'm walking down a street about 120 miles away chatting to someone on my mobile. All of a sudden the call cuts out completely. I look at my phone and the call is still connected, but I can't hear anything and the person I'm speaking to can't see me. I'm puzzled.

    Suddenly I realise my wife's old car is on the road next to me, sat waiting at some lights. When we'd got rid of the car, I hadn't removed it from my Bluetooth settings! So my call had connected to it as it had driven past. The occupant must have been wondering why all of a sudden he could hear "Hello? Hello"" coming through his/her speakers!

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    Re: It's a very small world

    Quote Originally Posted by maxfli65 View Post
    To flip it slightly have you ever been accosted by someone who swears they know you i.e they have mistaken you for someone else so badly they dont believe you're not them? I have, slightly disconcerting at the time but I must have a doppleganger somewhere.
    Similar sort of story, but my wife and Mother in Law went to a spa wkend a few years ago. They were milling about the pool when MiL spotted an old work colleague, but said to my Wife she couldnít remember her name so she just left it. Later that night she spotted her in the restaurant and the bar, so with a bit of Dutch courage she went over to speak to her and they were having a good chat, she even introduced her to my wife as an ex colleague, the woman politely nodding along.

    She then apologized and said iím Sorry but whatís your name again, woman replied Charlie. It still didnít ring any bells to my MiL where they worked together. So again she apologized and asked where did we work together. Charlie then ever so politely said I donít think we did, I think you just recognize me as Val from Emmerdale....

    Cue embarrassment and laughter all round. My wife still brings it up to this day with her.
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    Re: It's a very small world

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Barzini View Post
    and the person I'm speaking to can't see me.
    *hear (too late to edit)

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