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    Scoring during the winter

    We had our first proper winter comp this year.

    Fairway mats, off the greens, lift clean and replace everywhere and over 15 holes.

    The results are in and a 10 handicap shot 2 under gross for 40 points.

    Obviously the course plays a bit easier with the holes being slightly shorter (Although they are not as short as they normally are in the winter as we had a bit of dry weather last week and some of the holes were exactly the same as off the whites). And with fairway mats/lift and place you always get a good lie but you still need to hit the shot and get the ball into the hole with the bumpy greens.

    I thought 40 points over 15 holes was absolutely crazy! A good summer score at our place would be 42 and you would expect to win, there is the odd week it sneaks up to 43/44 and when the wind gets up 38/39 can take it.

    How is scoring during the winter at your club? Do you see much difference between that and summer?
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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    With shorter course and ball in hand the scores are normally a lot better in the winter.
    Ive seen 45+ a number of times. Someone I played with had 50 points once....
    H'cap 10

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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    We don't have any comps in winter, but the roll ups score are sometimes pretty good.

    in summer you would win a stableford comp with 37/38 points but over winter you see plenty in the mid 40. The winter course is almost 1000 yards shorter and a couple of holes are easily driveable and a few more just a drive and chip

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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    Strange for me I always score better in the winter ,we play our winter comp. off the yellows and only one par 3 is 30 yards shorter, and one par 4 is 40 yards shorter. I scored 39 points the other day which is my best score this year at my home course.

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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    I score better in winter, I don't get lots of run on my drives due to height so fairways being softer doesn't impact, particularly with tees up. Around the greens, the slightly softer winter greens come into their own as irons stick and chips won't run through the green if you catch them a bit then.

    Potentially putting comes easier too as you tend to have a firmer stroke taking out breaks etc without worrying it will go racing by.

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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    Fairways are wider being softer along with greens and as said already slower greens so you can give it a wack. Rather than pray for it to stop 😀

    No more summer lottery bounces 👍
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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    Moving from whites to yellows (shorter and with easier angles) plus soft greens, placung and less rough usually mean better scores in the winter

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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    We don't see that much difference really unless the course conditions are really bad.

    Softer greens means much more 'going for the flag'.

    My best ever score, 3 under, was in an early March medal.

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    Re: Scoring during the winter

    Played a stableford on Saturday in the rain of virtually a full course. Div 1 won with 38 which would normally be in contention most times but Div 2 and 3 was won with 34 and 33 respectively. Seemed to play normally for the lower handicappers (Div 1 up to 12) but everyone else found the extra yardage and the heavy wet rough very hard going.

    It always plays hard in the winter and is a real test. I enjoy the challenge but accept that it takes a very good day to shoot par

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