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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    No change. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Started the season on 32.5 and I am still on 32.5. (In Germany, if your handicap is over 26, it can only go down, not up)

    I am pretty certain, that I am playing a lot better now than I did a year ago. It just never showed in the comp results. Number of qualifiers available to play on the weekend was relatively limited as well, I think I played 10 all season. Even managed to win one of them. With exactly 36 pts. It is a bit frustrating. But on a more positive note, really catastrophic rounds have been rare as well. I managed to keep scores above 30 pts in all comps except one (where I came dead last ... it was a really really bad day, which I erased from my memory)
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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Started at 7.3, played all available qualifiers and finished on 7.7 without a cut in sight.
    As midweek members we only get one comp a month between April and September - poor I know but there you go.
    The goal, to be fair, was to maintain handicap and, up to a point, I've kind of managed that - still got a 7 at the front anyway.
    As we will be more used to the Zoo next year were going to start putting more supplementary cards in, especially CVG and Fragger who are both struggling to make buffer.
    I'm starting to get to grips with the course so, hopefully, next season I can start dropping that handicap a little...
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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Started at 13.7 and have ended at 11.4 so a very good season. Still more work to do though

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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Got my handicap down to 17.6 (now back up to 17.9 after this weekend) - I have got to be the worst 18 handicapper out there. Had one ridiculously good round that got me cut 3.9 shots and can't play anywhere near that standard let alone to an 18 handicap - a lil bit despondent but I'll play every weekend throughout the autumn and winter in hope i can have a few good rounds again
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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Started on 13.5 and finished on 13.6.......had a succession of buffers, got down to 13.4 for 1 week and then straight back up again. Just glad I've proved to myself that I can play to that standard.

    New shinies now, so hopeful for next season.

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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    I think my season has been well documented. I've now got six months to decide what to do. After Saturdays shotgun and then presentation evening and being told by many I'm doing a good job and they hope I'm carrying on, I felt better about things, but...I dunno if that's going to be enough.
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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Quote Originally Posted by full_throttle View Post
    after yesterday's medal I have gone up to 16.5, started the season on 13.6

    no excuses, just lack of any ability or talent.
    When will you start being optimistic ? If its broke get it fixed 😘 get the #HeadSpace app downloaded get the mind right 👍
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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Started at 21.4, managed to get it down over the summer to 18.6 - onwards & upwards & all that.

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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Handicap wise I started the season well and dropped from 11.6 to 10.2 before the end of June, but I have slowly increased since then and finished at 10.8, No excuses expect lack of consistency, twice I was well under handicap after 16 holes but messed up the last 2 holes.

    Result wise it has been pretty good, I was Club Champion, I won the local assocation's matchplay tournament and both prizes offered by the Club captain and the Club President.

    So all in all a decent season for me.
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    Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Started the season at 5.9. Went up and down like a yo-yo but unfortunately on an upward trajectory. Late season resurgence has me back to 5.9 having had my lowest ever handicap of 5.8 last me 12 hours!

    3 or 4 qualifiers to go..... I think my dream of playing off 4 is out of reach for this season. A couple of good rounds may make a decent season though.
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