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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    I've been to a few. Unsurprisingly I always seem to come out at their premium offering. Personally as a short hitter I prefer a 3 piece as I feel it gives me a few extra yards without compromising spin too much and so prefer through trial and error the AD333 tour as my ball of choice. At me level it's not important to be fitted and I'd disagree with Backsticks and suggest the reason these golfers are losing balls, isn't because they are using the wrong ball but have some serious and inherent swing faults

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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    Sarcasm function must be switched off tonight eh??
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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    Quote Originally Posted by bluewolf View Post
    For you- not at all
    For the manufacturer - very
    Sums it up 👍

    For us mere mortals a ball fitting will make minimal is any difference. At our level 99% of us just don’t have the consistent ball striking - I suspect most of not all would perform the same with most of the balls from the main manufacturers - people just end up using what they find happiness with.

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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    Did a ball fitting when the AG tour truck came to town

    They reckoned a couple hundred rpm's spin difference between balls

    Not convinced it makes much difference at our level

    Mostly they seemed to be pushing Wilson Staff balls, which I've just never liked

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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    Never in my life have a noticed one ball that flies higher than another.

    For those that have done ball fittings? did you just hit into a net or did someone watch how to chip and pitch etc to see how you actually play?
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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    I've always used premier balls, Titleist Balata, Rexstar which were great, Precept Double Cover, Maxfli Revolutions, then Titleist Professionals then onto Pro V. But I did my own ball fitting some years ago when the Pro V just hit a ridiculous price structure and thought sod that. I then found the Bridgestone 330 series and played them for a long time until recently when they pulled out of UK (I bought quiet a few dozen which I'm ploughing through still) and now I'm alternating between 330 and Vice. One things for sure, I'm never going to buy Pro V again.

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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    Picked up a 24 pack of Dunlop tour softs for £10 to use over the winter

    Going out tomorrow to panshanger with a long hitting 13 handicapper.. a consistent 11 handicapper .. a 20 handicapper and myself ....

    I'm gonna make everyone try one and see if it makes any difference

    Real world testing right there

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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    I remember GM doing a Titleist ball fitting questionnaire at the Castle Stuart meet a while ago. either the Prov1 or NXT...

    i don't remember anyone getting the NXT

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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    Ball fitting is vital - I can't concentrate on my golf if I'm constantly adjusting my underwear.
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    Re: How important is a ball fitting.

    When I recently had a fitting for new irons the fitter asked if I had been fitted for a ball. Keeping my laugh in I told him no I just use whatever decent ball I have. Sensing my scepticism he said we would do a ball fitting after we had found the irons.

    Anyway once we had found the correct iron setup for me we then proceeded to go through balls. I tried all the ranges from Calloway, Srixon, Bridgestone and Taylormade. All the results were on the flight monitor and the differences were noticeable regarding distance, spin rates, flight shape etc. Eventually settled on the TP5 which out performed the others according to the stats.

    So after initially thinking it would hardly make a difference I was quite surprised at the differences between all the balls I tried.

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