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    Fairway woods off the deck

    Who uses them and why over a long iron/hybrid?

    I've been struggling with my long irons and my hybrid can be hit or miss so am thinking that fairway woods might be a cure - bad shot with the hybrid is a top so a sweeping action might suit me. Does anyone have any advice before I invest. Thanks.
    Hacking it around the midlands :S

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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    Book a fitting, at least you can try a few different fairway woods out.

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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    I recently bought a 5 wood (Adams Speedline range). My old 5 wood was an old Slazenger piece of crap so I never used that off the ground, but in replacing it I wanted one that could be used off the ground and off the tee. The new Adams was fantastic off the ground at the driving range, 4 out of 5 launched brilliantly, well over 200 yards. Out on the course last weekend it was a different story unfortunately, but as a new club I know it just needs a bit of work to get used to it. I think it's definitely worth having one in the big anyway, for versatility and another option if nothing else. Mine was only a 50 quid Ebay job so you don't need to break the bank.
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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    I love my ping g15 5 wood off the deck

    Have had it 4 years now and since I got it we have had a great understanding. Hardly ever lets me down always use it when I need

    Got a m2 basically 4 wood to semi replace it.. can't hit that as well..

    The ping is great from light roug, fairway or tee. Long par 3 its mine. I've got on many a par 5 in 3 using it for the 2nd and 3rd shot

    It's so consistent

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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    Hit my 3-wood off of the tee and the deck, don't use a driver as it makes me swing like a complete noob...
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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    I have a Cobra Bio Cell adjustable 5 wood. Fantastic club and easy to hit off the deck.

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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    Using fairway woods from the fairway.....radical

    Change what you are doing (via a pro) rather than the club's you are doing it with.
    some metal woods,
    any old irons,
    Pick up balls....

    10.8 and moving the right way again...

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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    I hit a 3 wood off the deck a fair bit, not any easy clubs to hit at times. Ive mates who are much lower handicaps who struggle with a 3 wood off the deck.

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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    I use Adams tight lies a 3w and 5w, really like them great distance and accuracy. Seem real easy to hit and look great at address.

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    Re: Fairway woods off the deck

    I use 3 wood off the deck because a properly struck shot goes longer than my 19 deg hybrid.

    It is my 'go to shot' off the tee when there is a lot of wind because I know I can keep the ball down easier.

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