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    Re: Worst Car History

    Being relatively young i have only owned 3 cars, none of which were brand new..

    2001 Ford Focus- Bought while at Uni, fantastic wee car for the money. Never missed a beat.
    2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe- Bought when I started my new job
    2015 VW Golf R- Recent purchase of about 2 weeks ago- fantastic fun

    BMW was a lovely drive, but the Coupe shape and 2 door made it difficult to transport anything other than a golf trolley.

    Have driven quite a few other cars through the years which were a bit, emm, different.. one being my sisters old Salmon pink Suzuki Swift, think it was a 1997 and had butterflies up the side of it.
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    Re: Worst Car History

    I did for a short time have a Vauxhall Astra which I gave to my wife and she turned it into an Astra Compact. She went up the back of a car in front and wrote it off.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Not been driving for that long. Didn't have the need until we had kids. Since then the cars I've owned are:
    11 plate Vauxhall Meriva. Got rid pronto when we found out it had been in an accident previously
    64 plate Peugeot 208 actually not a bad car. Terrible performance, but great on fuel efficiency. But small though. MrsP wrote it off. Boo.
    14 plate Honda CR-V. Great for space for the family.
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    Re: Worst Car History

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisd View Post
    The list

    Ford Prefect
    Triumph Herald
    Mk1 Cortina
    Mini traveller
    Ford Fiesta
    Ford Escort
    Ford Sierra
    Ford Escort Ghia
    BMW 318
    BMW 318 WE
    Mercedes saloon
    Mercedes saloon
    Mazda Mx5
    Lotus Elise
    Mini Cooper S
    Toyota IQ
    Vauxhall Astra
    Nissan Leaf
    Quote Originally Posted by Pathetic Shark View Post
    Chris - you missed out the Model T Ford
    And you beat me to it!!

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Quote Originally Posted by Piece View Post
    Morris Marina hatchback - car I learnt to drive in. Blimey.

    Marina Hatchback

    There is a memory.

    I had one as a company car.

    What I used to love about was the ease with which the back end used to break away going round corners at speed but the front end was like driving on rails -Tokyo drift.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue in Munich View Post
    And you beat me to it!!
    And I did it with furry dice in the rear view mirror as well.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Had far too many to mention or even remember.
    It all began with a 1963 6v Beetle.
    The worst was undoubtedly my Moskvich 412 Saloon ...................... so dangerous.
    My best/favourite would be any of my three Austin Maxi's, my Montego Turbo's, my Alfasud my TR6 or my Wolf.
    Currently own a re-mapped Kia Cee'd CRDi and, of course, my LR Wolf.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Quote Originally Posted by Pathetic Shark View Post
    I did for a short time have a Vauxhall Astra which I gave to my wife and she turned it into an Astra Compact. She went up the back of a car in front and wrote it off.
    I had a Ford Cortina that I crunched into the back of another car. It was then a Ford Concertina.
    Play it cool Trigger!

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    Re: Worst Car History

    This is my list - probably not complete due to failing memory:

    First car 1935 Morris 8 had electric fuel pump which needed a rest after about 20 miles
    Ford Taunus quite nice for a couple of years in Cyprus butleft it there.
    SAAB 96 3-cylinder 2-stroke really loved that car
    SAAB 95 estate (had children now) loved it but not as muchas the 96.
    Vauxhall Victor !!! bag of brown stuff.
    Citroen GS nearly as bad
    SAAB 99 another with fond memories
    SAAB 9000 auto a lovely drive
    VW Passat GL5 2-litre 5-cylinder, another lovely car todrive with plenty punch.
    Audi 100 estate another 2-litre 5-cylinder a beauty(pity I wrote it off, losing it on loose chippings)
    Audi 100 saloon a 2.2litre 5-cylinder another lovely car to drive.
    VW golf auto not nice, auto made it heavy and nopower-assisted steering.
    VW Jetta unexciting but reliable
    Toyota Avensis Estate1.8 petrol not exciting but did me proud over many miles.
    A later Toyota Avensis Estate 1.8 petrol similar but better
    Skoda Superb Estate 3.6 petrol auto 4x4 Laurin and Klement I love driving again.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Austin Allegro . Sold it to a friend who is still a friend surprisingly !
    MGB GT .... Wrote it off
    MGB GT
    Escort RS2000 ..... Great car
    Golf Mk1 GTi
    Golf MK2 GTi ... Wife wrote it off.
    Suzuki Jeep ... Tried to kill me.
    Celica GT4
    Volvo C70
    Porsche Cayman .. Still got it
    Volvo C30
    Mini Countryman SD

    Not bad in 40 odd years of driving. Tend to buy new or nearly new and keep them till they fall apart.
    Cobra Fly Z driver
    Cobra Fly Z 5 wood
    TM SLDR 4 & 5 hybrids
    Titleist 714 AP1 - 6 to PW
    Vokey 48 , 54 & 60 wedges
    Odyssey Dart putter

    Callaway Supersoft / Chrome soft balls

    HC ..... 8.0

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