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    Re: Worst Car History

    Only two really bad ones

    A Renault 18 that had been in storage for two years when I bought it, every rubber seal in anything hydraulic failed, complete rebuild of braking system and a new gearbox. The annoying bit was that the guy (golfing mate) who bought it from the garage it was sold to run it for 5 years without any bother whatsoever.

    Car before current one, bought new, Citroen Nemo owned for 7 years and in for a major fault in virtually every one of the 7 years inc 3 gearbox failures.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Quote Originally Posted by Pathetic Shark View Post
    Chris - you missed out the Model T Ford
    It's an age thing! 😁
    removed list of clubs as they change too frequently !

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    Re: Worst Car History

    BIL bought a Citroen. Utter rubbish. He spent a fortune on it. It spent more time in the Citroen garage than at his house. Guess what he bought to replace it?
    Yup a Citroen. Good grief!
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    Re: Worst Car History

    these are the cars I've owned or leased or had thru work for personal use too.

    Ford Fiesta van 1.1 petrol(ex fire brigade) - fine cheap and cheerful, sold on easy.
    renault 19 1.4 petrol - so so, did ok.
    ford granada estate 2.0 ghia petrol - lovely drive but auto transmisson dodgy and had a helicol fitted that blew out on A82 which finished it.
    honda civic 1.4 petrol - reliable but no poke
    volvo v40 estate 1.8 petrol - reliable but gutless
    ford mondeo 2.0 estate petrol (leased) - really nice drive and quick, loved it.
    ford s max petrol 2.0 (leased) - nice high driving position but preferred the mondeo for boot space
    peugeot 307 sport 2.0 diesel - reliable and a nice drive
    citreon v5 estate diesel - terrible, DPF gave no end of probs and electrics dodgy, off citreons for life.
    hyundai tucson - bit dull and gutless but reliable so far (wife drives it now)
    skoda yeti (work car) - much better than I expected, handles beautifully and punchy, boot too small though
    toyoya hilux crew cab(work car) - does what is says on the tin, 3.0l diesel has plenty power and all terrain tyres goes anywhere, those tyres dont like wet roads though, get twitchy on corners. Can nick on in the dry though.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Corsa Vegas 1.2
    Civic Type R (EP3)
    Integra Type R (DC5)
    Evo 6.5 TME
    BMW X5 4.4
    Suzuki Ignis Sport
    SLK55 (R171)

    The X5 was the worst of the bunch..and surprisingly the Ignis was amazingly fun.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    I don't think my car history has been too bad, no real shockers. I hated the golf though

    A3 1.6
    A3 S Line 2.0d
    SLK 55 AMG
    Golf TDI
    320d m sport coupe
    A250 engineered by AMG

    I think the worrying thing is how much I've lost over the years as all but the first car were new.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    I have had a real mix of the good, the bad and the just incredibly bland (most of them)

    Brown 1.1 Fiesta. First car and still get ribbed about the colour
    Blue 1.2 Fiesta. Hand me down from my brother. Still a boring car but colour better.
    Red 1.3 Escort. First car I bought myself. Still bland and boring.
    Hyundai coupe. First new car looked cool at the time but no power.
    Mazda MX5. Such fun, loved this car.
    Mondeo ST. One of my all time favourites but really ate petrol
    Renault Megane 2.0. Another good car. Got one of the few decent Renaults.
    Fiat Bravo 150 T-Jet. Very quick but very unstable and felt like it was made of paper.
    Renault Clio Tourer. Bought as a run around and to hold my golf clubs. Boring as hell.
    Audi A5 S-line convertible. Current car and great fun.

    I am been lucky in that I have had 2 Renaults and a Fiat and neither has rusted or fallen apart.
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    Re: Worst Car History

    Not had half as many cars as most of you guys:

    Fiesta - E reg, 1 ltr
    Corsa - R reg, 1 ltr
    Mini Cooper - 04 plate
    Golf GTI - 07 plate, mk 5
    BMW 220 sport - 64 plate

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Morris Marina hatchback - car I learnt to drive in. Blimey.

    Others since then:

    Ford Fiesta 1.0l - black, nice car.
    Ford Fiesta 1.0l - red, nice car.
    BMW 316i - not great
    Honda Prelude - OK
    Subaru Impreza UK - lovely, thinnest metal for door panels ever known.
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi - tuned and rapid, but the UK variant was more fun.
    Audi A4 1.9TDi - great workhorse
    VW Polo - not bad at all
    Nissan Qashqai 1.5dci - wife loved it...
    BMW 330d Touring - tuned, nice car just wasn't big enough
    BMW 535d Touring - tuned, fastest car I've own over 60mph
    Mini Cooper S - fun car, rock hard suspension and had faults at the end
    SEAT Exeo ST - Audi A4 in SEAT clothing. Great car.
    Nissan Qashqai Petrol - much better QQ. Current car.
    Audi A6 Avant Black Edition - beautiful. Other current car.
    Titleist 910 D3 RIP x-stiff
    Titleist 915F 3W Rogue x-stiff

    Mizuno H4 2i DG X100
    Mizuno MP53 3-PW DG X100

    Cleveland CG15 DSG 52, 58
    Odyssey Sabretooth 33" with VIBE

    Callaway Chrome Soft X Truvis Yellow/Black Footballs
    Titleist RC Cart Bag
    Under Armour Golf Shoes
    Garmin S3
    No official h/c
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    Re: Worst Car History

    Quote Originally Posted by ColchesterFC View Post
    I'm not really a car person, to me they're for getting from A to B and back again and that's all I'm interested in, but a conversation offshore has made me realise just how bad my car history has been.

    1st car was a P plate Turquoise Vauxhall Astra, sold it when I inherited a very low mileage maroon H plate Renaut 21 from my grandad. Ran that one into the ground and scrapped it when it failed an MOT so badly that the garage phoned me and said "Well the ashtray is OK but apart from that it's junk". Replaced it with an 03 plate blue Nissan Primera, which was written off when I reversed into a fence in a car park (3400 repair bill for a car valued at 1900). Next came a grey 05 plate Ford Mondeo which was falling to bits when I traded it in for the current car which is a grey 57 plate Renault Grand Scenic - now on it's last legs and soon to be traded in, no doubt for something equally as crap as those that have gone before it.

    So has anyone got a worse or less inspiring car history than that?
    Designed life is 8 years or about 100,000 miles. You are buying old stuff so expect an issue or two.

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