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    Worst Car History

    I'm not really a car person, to me they're for getting from A to B and back again and that's all I'm interested in, but a conversation offshore has made me realise just how bad my car history has been.

    1st car was a P plate Turquoise Vauxhall Astra, sold it when I inherited a very low mileage maroon H plate Renaut 21 from my grandad. Ran that one into the ground and scrapped it when it failed an MOT so badly that the garage phoned me and said "Well the ashtray is OK but apart from that it's junk". Replaced it with an 03 plate blue Nissan Primera, which was written off when I reversed into a fence in a car park (£3400 repair bill for a car valued at £1900). Next came a grey 05 plate Ford Mondeo which was falling to bits when I traded it in for the current car which is a grey 57 plate Renault Grand Scenic - now on it's last legs and soon to be traded in, no doubt for something equally as crap as those that have gone before it.

    So has anyone got a worse or less inspiring car history than that?

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Renault 11.......absolutely awful car.

    Other than that all good.
    Astra estate and VW Passat being the best two.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Mines been fairly mundane, although I LOVE cars, just never been able to indulge so much. I got my first car in 2000 and my history has been:

    Fiesta Zetec 1.4 W Reg
    Rover Coupe 1.6 P Reg
    Rover Coupe 2.0 Turbo R Reg
    MG ZS 2.5 V6 - I absolutely LOVED this car 2002
    Vauxhall Astra Diesel (owned this for a week) Cant even remember what year
    Mazda MX5 - 2007
    Peugeot 206 - 51 reg
    Renualt Megane - 54 Reg
    Renault Megane Scenic - 58 Reg
    Vauxhall Insignia Estate - 2012 - still got that one

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Wouldn't mind having back some of the rubbish cars I had back in the day...
    As 'classic cars' they now have value...

    In recent times a VW Polo being our worst purchase...
    Jeepers that car was 'challenging'...
    On an adventure 'til dementia...

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    Re: Worst Car History

    VXR corsa Arctic. Bought it as soon as they came out. Missis T had a red VXR corsa and it was the gators Tators. The Arctic however kept 5,000 Vauxhall workers in employment. It went back to the manufacturers that many times I thought I had bought a Flippin yo yo. God it was gorgeous when it went though.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    My father got one of the first 7 series BMW s with the Micro computer controlling everything. Never worked, towed away by BMW a dozen or more times in the end they gave him is money back.

    Also had a friend how saved up and bought a new convertible Renault 5. was covered in rust withing 3 months

    The Nairn Golf Club, Club Champion (handicap) 2017

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    Re: Worst Car History

    I had a Mercedes that the garage drivers were drawing lots as to which one would pick it up for repair as they were so embarrassed
    removed list of clubs as they change too frequently !

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    Re: Worst Car History

    My list includes an Avenger and a .... Maestro. Luxury compared to an early 6volt VW Beetle that was my first car.
    Give it big humpties

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Callaway X2 Hot Driver
    Callaway X2 Hot 3/5 Woods
    Callaway X2 Hot 4 Hybrid
    Titleist AP3 Irons 5-PW, 48*
    Vokey 52*, 58*

    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Notchback

    Handicap: 2.5

    Paid up member of the PC Brigade.

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    Re: Worst Car History

    Embarrassment time
    • Triumph Herald 13/60
    • Triumph 2000 Mk.1
    • Austin Princess 1800
    • Austin Metro 1.0
    • Toyota Corolla 1.3 GL
    • Citroen Xantia 2.0 XS
    • BMW 318 1.6
    • Rover 75 2.0d
    • Toyota Avensis 2.0d
    • Mazda 6 2.0d
    • Toyota Avensis estate 2.2d
    • Skoda Superb Greenline 1.6d
    • Skoda Superb SE 2.0d

    Everything from the BMW onwards has been a company car, some I inherited, others I chose.

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