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    Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    OK, so what grip do you use when putting ? Why ? What difference have you noticed between the options ?

    As I putted so appallingly at the weekend I decided I needed to just do something different from the conventional grip (use a counter balanced putter)

    Today I opened up a new vista of possibilities by trying reverse overlap which I have used occasionally and for the first time the pencil and claw grips which took some online research to work out how to do them.

    I was putting from 3ft, 6ft, 9ft and longer distances.

    Interestingly the reverse overlap grip from 3ft gave me by far the best holing out stats with 29 out of 30 but the longer the distances the harder I found it to get the feel.

    Claw grip I just could not get to grips with (forgive the pun)

    Pencil grip took some time to work out where to hold on a 37" grip and experimenting with how many fingers etc.

    Once I worked out what was comfortable I actually found that this was quite good and gave far more feel on longer putts than the reverse overlap but was not as good for holing out from 3ft.

    Looks like I may try using different methods depending upon distances next time I play if I can remember what I am supposed to be doing.....

    Perhaps you may convince me to try something else ? Armlock, unanchored belly putter etc though would not buy any new kit !

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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    I switched to the claw this season to counter yips in an over active right hand and so far so good

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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    My grip is almost standard but hands slightly apart. I used to have them together but I lowered my right hand about an inch and the putter felt far more stable going through the stroke.

    I've tried other grips on the practise greens - reverse, claw, pencil etc - they all feel completely bizarre and alien.
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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    I use the standard Vardon grip for all clubs including the putter. It feels natural to me to grip the putter in the same way as I grip any other club. I'm certainly not a brilliant putter but I'm not a bad putter.

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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    I hold my putter with a sort of modified overlapping grip.
    The putting grip is something I have refused to let anyone tell me how to have, as putting is so personal I feel it's what's right for you, as long as you can square the face at impact with the force required each time.
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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    Reverse for putts under 18ft and conventional for longer putts as have better feel for distance with the latter but more accuracy with the former.

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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    Reverse overlap for me .

    I use length of swing to control distance and not 'hit it harder' for longer putts.

    I suppose it comes down to expectations ie at what length of putt is a miss acceptable. If you watch a lot of the PGA stuff on sky they give the 'make' percentages and it makes one realise how quickly the numbers go down the further from the hole the ball is.

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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    Bog standard grip with an overlap of the little fingers.
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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    Left hand low, no overlap...tried a few variations of overlap with left hand low and really settled on where it's at now...I think!

    Reason - overractive right hand (very right hand dominant).

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    Re: Putting - Which Grip ? Why ? Observations ?

    I don't think it matters a jot the way your join your finger be it over lap, vardon, double over lap or 10 finger.

    I do think it matters how you position the hands on the club in terms of weak or strong with each hand. My preference these days is a slightly weak left hand and stronger right so that they oppose each other.
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