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    Close House - Marmite

    Since it is currently in the news & I have received criticism in another thread for daring to express negative comments about the course what do the people who have played it think about it?

    From my point of view the steep gradients produce too many slogs uphill & too many sidehill lies for it to be enjoyable. I don't mind the odd gradient but the fact that the course is built on the steeply sloping banks of the Tyne makes it just too taxing. Anyone planning to play it should be warned that pushing a manual trolley up some of the slopes, & controlling it on the way down, will be hard work, as will be carrying your clubs.

    I first played the course after it had been open for about a month & the condition was truly amazing. The greens were near perfect &, apart from some bits of wispy rough, the course looked incredibly mature. I didn't enjoy it much then &, when I played it for the second time, For a half price £50, didn't find it any more enjoyable. I would hate to play here all the time, the hard slog getting round the course would discourage me from going out.

    A mate of mine was a founder member. He loves it, although he can no longer afford to be a member. I know three former club champions, two of which played in the Champion of Champions' tournament here. They all hate the course with a vengeance, not just dislike it. I can honestly say that I know personally more people who don't like the course than like it.

    It's a hard course, I couldn't handle it, but then there are other hard courses I can't handle which I love so it isn't that which turned me against it. To see the pros going around it in the low 60s just astonishes me. I know they do it elsewhere but when it's round a course you know it brings it home to you how good they are.

    so, come on. Who has played it? What do you think? Is it worth the £100 green fee?
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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    I have never played it but just watching on TV put me off.

    You would think that with what it probably cost somebody could have afforded a spirit level.

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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    There are lots of courses like that. Some will love them some will hate them. Castle Course is St Andrews springs to mind.

    This thread has potential.
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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    Nothing wrong with expressing specific negative views... if any venue shells out enough cash, they can get a Tour Event. It doesn't make the course any better or worse! The Belfry is a great example of a Marmite Venue.. there are loads of others! That's part of the charm!

    And I'll read the comments with interest before I drive there from South Wales!
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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    As I wrote in the other thread, it's each to their own, the two steepest climbs from a Masters point of view was the 6th and walking up the 9th, I know the course is numbered different for us mere mortals. I didn't think the course was any worse to other courses I've played that are "hilly", I mean the way MiB is writing about the course, you'd expect to see teams of Sherpa's and base camps on the holes that play up hill, yes they get your lungs working, but is that a bad thing?

    The course is immaculate, you would expect that for a major golfing tournament, but once the tents and camera towers have gone and has been returned to the members, it will play the same, no difference in the greens or fairways, the members will play the same course as the pros, albeit from tees a bit further forward.

    Is it worth the £100 green fee's? Good question, the same question can be asked of any course.

    Is it worth playing, hell yeah, in at 95 in the top 100 courses in the UK up 5 place s from last year, any of the top 100 UK courses have to be worth a round.
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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    I love courses with plenty of elevation changes. Makes the golf so much more interesting. for every climb you nearly always get to come back down.

    Maybe when I am older I won't quite fancy it so much.

    Sure it could well be a slog to play that type of course every time. If it is in as good a nick as close house then I wouldn't complain.

    We currently have one massive par 5 straight up a hill which we sometimes avoid if only out for a few holes.
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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    Would you consider a buggy hire? I do get that forking out a tonne then chucking presumably £30 on top for a buggy might seem steep.
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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    I played it March this year when it was very wet, used a push trolley, first impression, loved it, as it was wet they had mixed up the tees and some holes were off the back and some forward.

    I can imagine playing off all the back tees it would be a proper man test, but yellow or white, bring it on, great variation of holes, lies etc and for every uphill struggle there are the downhill holes open your shoulders and go for it.

    Totally understand it’s not to everybodies taste, Gleneagles is a perfect example of that, the PGA Course is a must play course to me, but it’s also third best course at Gleneagles imo.

    Value? erm, not sure how they put the value on Golf Courses, but they’ll undoubtably have offers on and I for one would definitely play it again.

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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    TV usually flattens out the lumps and bumps. There were some major elevation changes, by the look of it. Would I like to play it? Yes, but only if I could have a buggy.
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    Re: Close House - Marmite

    The course looked interesting, and yes I probably would take the chance to play it if it ever came along. However for some reason it did remind me of Celtic Manor 2010, and whilst some of the views may be pleasant, I wouldnt have said it had all great views (going on the backdrop of housing estates on the tv pictures.)
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