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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    Yes snap hook every time 🤔
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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    When I was getting down to low 80s/high 70s I spent time practicing particular drives on the course.

    Down the 18th I hit 5 drives that were all within a few paces of each other. Very tightly grouped in the middle of the fairway but not exactly the same.

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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    It seems to be much easier (and much more common) to hit two very similar misses in a row than two similar good shots. We probably all have sliced two balls out of bounds off the tee at some point. Then again, at least whilst playing, when you hit a good shot, there normally is no reason to hit the same shot again, so that's probably why it does not happen that often.

    What struck me about the video though was that the spectators were just too lazy to get out of the way after the first failed attempt. I would have moved.
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