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    Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    Yes - if out of bounds is in the equation.

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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    I can hit three, when I four putt.

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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    I once hit the same tree, twice from the tee at a distance of approximately 220 yards...
    Went OB both times
    Callaway clubs in a Callaway bag.

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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    Saw two pros hit the same shot on the same hole, Aphibarnrat and don't remember the other guy in the same group, on the 8th first shot lands right of the green, rolls down a small ridge and holes out in the sprinkler head hole, second guy on the tee some 190yds away goes and does exactly the same thing, ball lands on ridge and rolls into sprinkler head.
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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    Did this on Saturday's comp.
    Hooked my drive into the trees about 200 yards downrange, took a provisional and did the same again. Found my first ball within a foot of my provisional.
    At least I'm consistent!
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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    Depends on your perspective as to what's identical, nobody can hit two 101% identical shots, I mean we're talking exactly the same swing speed, ball speed, impact point on the club face, amount of ball compression and a multitude of other things that need to be taken into account as well, things such as angle of attack, trajectory, ball flight, fade or draw etc etc...

    In a nutshell, no can do, not possible, billions to one chance let alone one after the other...

    On the other hand if yer asking me if I can hit 6 shots from 150yds with a 7i and put them all on the front of the green then the answer is 'Yep' did so on Saturday morning...
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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    I can hit two shanks in a row no trouble.

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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    Despite what I have read the only accurate answer to a a specific question is no

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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    It depends on the shot and the tolerances for your definition of "identical". I can hit the same shot 100 times in a row if it's a 1" putt!
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