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    EuroPro Travel costs

    A friend of mine is joining the europro tour, how much is the average hotel for 16 events? We are trying to establish a cost estimate.
    Are there any golf enthusiasts that help an extremely talented golfer have a go at making it and rent a room cheaper than hotels?

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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    Surely he must have met some people along the way that have already made it to that level that might be able to give him an idea?
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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    I got a shed he can kip in when down in sussex
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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    Just a suggestion..........

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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    Most people i have spoke to anyway had some rich members at their club :-)

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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    Quote Originally Posted by drive4show View Post

    Just a suggestion..........

    Cheers, good place to start i guess

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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    Quote Originally Posted by Dasit View Post
    I got a shed he can kip in when down in sussex
    Ha that's the spirit!

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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    I know a couple guys on the Challenge tour who reckon they need to make £30-40k to break even & that's with decent(ish) sponsorships

    Obviously it will be less on the EuroPro as there's less flying/overseas events and presumably entry fees are less

    However, I think it's quite common for the guys to 'bunk up' / sleep on hotel floors etc to save costs

    It's a tough school

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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    This was a good read but not quiet what your after
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    Re: EuroPro Travel costs

    Perhaps contact golf clubs local to where the tournaments are being held, go on their facebook pages. Ask if any golfers would put them up for a few nights whilst the tournament is on. I'm sure you would get a few positives out of it. You may have to give a quick putting lesson, swing tip or make up stories of how you played a practice round with Rory but it may save you a few quid. Shy bairns get nowt as they say up here.
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