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I went for a knock yesterday and part of the course was shut that isn't normally (12/13/14) so that was odd, so as I walked over to the 15th the tee was so afar up it made it a little flick to the green and as this is where are puddles are I didn't bother. I walked over to see how much bigger they were and OMG the green staff had dug some holes in one of them down to, would you believe it drains, small stones , directly beneath the, now gone, puddle. Investigation work has commenced it seems. Hurrah! Will they carry on? The pond, 30 meters away to the left of the 15th green was blue in colour. Ooooooo dye, it would appear. After a chat with the Pro afterwards, it appears that the dye took 1 hour to get from the hole to the pond, as the greens staff waited, they thought it was blocked, but then it got through. I said, to the Pro, that it seems that there must be a blockage as there is no way it would take an hour. I also suggested that our head GK put a notice up to explain what he was doing, what he had discovered and what he was going to do about it, as he needs to keep the members informed. I doubt he will do this.
To conclude from yesterday:- One of the monster puddles has gone. The drains are blocked in that area. The ground where the hole, it went down about a meter, was dug, was sodden all the down to the drainage stones. The area approaching the 15th was walkable on, for the first time in 2 years. Water was flowing into the pond from the large drain pipe, like you wouldn't believe. Please let them continue after this promising start. If it were me I'd be so chuffed with this so far, I'd have to continue until it was all sorted. Smiley face from me
Great news hopefully they see it through to the conclusion and get it fixed once and for all