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    You wont believe what happened today!

    I am currently on Jury service and on the way I pass a driving range. Today I had about 25 minutes available on my way there so I thought I would pop in.
    The range is a little away from the pro shop and is coin operated. I pay my £3 for 50 balls and the machine dispenses. But it doesn't stop! I quickly placed another basket under the chute and the balls keep coming. Some are starting to roll on to the floor etc. Another basket goes under the chute. I step outside to see if anyone can help but no one is around. After the 4th basket the machine display states that it is empty. I now have 4 baskets of balls to hit, perhaps 60 in each and only around 25 minutes available. Why couldn't this happen when I have hours to spare!

    I gave a basket away to another golfer that came in 10 minutes later and left most of them there after I had to leave.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    Wow that's the coolest story I've ever heard in my life.

    Can you tell it again?

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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    Where is Jeremy Beadle when you want him.

    Classic candid camera stuff

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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    I often get the case where you put your money in and only get half of what you've paid for. 😂

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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    I would of paid £3 to see the look on your face. Good job you weren't playing with your pals. Am sure they would of had summat to say 😁

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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    Every time someone offers me more than half a bucket I am in a rush to finish the few I have left... every time!

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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    IF I was a regular use I'd have kept them for future use. If not I'd have hit what I needed and left the rest

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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    It happens every time my brother opens up his golf bag.

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    Re: You wont believe what happened today!

    Was it a casino based range? 😱
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