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    "Hello Mr Captain"

    Played a round of golf with a mate of mine last week at a club where he's a member. As we were heading out of the clubhouse a bloke held the door open for us. I said "Cheers" as I went through but my mate said "Hello Mr Captain, thank you".

    As we walked away, I looked at my mate and he kind of winced in embarrassment over it. When we were out of earshot, he explained that at their club, whenever you see the captain, you have to greet him with "Hello Mr Captain." My mate thinks this is a bit ridiculous but obviously follows the etiquette.

    I've never been a member of a golf club, so forgive my ignorance on this issue. But is this sort of thing rife at most clubs? I remember some other friends of mine a few years back bemoaning the fact that at their club if they saw the chairman they had to "doff their caps" and say "Hello Mr Chairman".

    So do you have to address the top brass in this way at your clubs, or are you allowed to use their first names? If so, do you mind it? Is it just part of golfing tradition, or do you find it a bit ridiculous? Strikes me as kowtowing to be honest, having to be all humble to a fellow man/woman! The type of thing belonging to days gone by. If I joined a club and the rules dictated I had to do it then I suppose I would, but I'd find it rather silly.

    As said, I'm not a member anywhere and never have been, so I'd be interested to hear thoughts on this issue.

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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    Never ever heard of it happening as "protocol" or "etiquette"

    If someone were to address me in such a manner during my Captaincy I'd have probably fallen over in astonishment (assuming they were being serious and not delivering the phrase with any irony or sarcasm)!!!
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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    call ours many things and none are "Mr Captain"

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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    Ha ha. Do you have to play in plus fours as well? No, this is not normal. I have never heard of this one before. Load of nonsense. I hope you are ribbing your mate something chronic 😁

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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    'Captain' is OK and a reasonable though optional greeting.
    'Mr.Captain' sounds like an creeping American abomination, prompted by hearing 'Mr.President'.

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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    There's no protocol at our club. I get referred to numerous variations on my Forename or sometimes Mr. Captain but never thought about is anything other than just a general greeting. Sometimes it's tongue in cheek or or sometimes as politeness but there's no guidance on it.

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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    At my old club many people referred to the captain as 'mr captain'. Always found it a but odd especially playing in a group with the captain and a couple of his mates who clearly have known him for years who still religiously called him 'mr captain'.

    Expect to be shot down for this but, in all honesty, I rarely know who the captain is so could not adress him by 'rank' even if I wanted to. At my last club the captains rarely got to know the wider membership (one asked me if I had just joined despite having been there for 4 years). One of my playing partners is captain next year at my old club and if I was still there I sure as hell would be calling him Colin and not mr captain.

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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    They do it at my club, Captain is referred to as Mr Captain and when you see him you are meant to say Mr Captain. I have to say, i have done it once and that was captains day and even then it felt really strange. I know our captain quite well from playing a few times with him and having a few drinks in the bar. I never normally do it, no idea if that annoys him or not, but I doubt it does. We were told at our induction meeting that everyone calls the Captain, Mr Captain when seen in the club house.

    What else I find strange is that our club isn't fancy or stuck up in many ways, so it seems strange to be using 'Mr Captain'.
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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    I believe we use the "Captain" instead of his name. Not met him since the interview where I don't recall addressing him as anything particular.
    I think it's outdated and unnecessary.
    But, if Fragger's ever became Captain I'd have a field day😂
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    Re: "Hello Mr Captain"

    Quote Originally Posted by Imurg View Post
    I believe we use the "Captain" instead of his name. Not met him since the interview where I don't recall addressing him as anything particular.
    I think it's outdated and unnecessary.
    But, if Fragger's ever became Captain I'd have a field day😂
    I doubt they would let a 5 day member stand, so I'm very safe
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