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    Re: Best Cooking tips

    Quote Originally Posted by GB72 View Post
    See the poached egg thing is a whole can of worms. I used to use the 'vortex' method until I watched celebrity masterchef last week. Just drop them in to a pan of boiling water with a good dose of vinegar in it, leave for 2 minutes then fish them out. Been perfect every time. Just use a deep pan with plenty of water.
    I can beat that, pain of boiling water with vinegar (white wine vin). Drop in your eggs (no vortex). Now...... Bang a lid on it and turn the power off. leave it for 3 -3 1/2 minutes. Perfect every time!! Nice deep pan! Not a frying pan like those muppets on masterchef tried!!
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    Re: Best Cooking tips

    Use an old jar for mixing vinaigrettes, or for mixing eggs.

    Sour cream in mashed potatoes with white pepper is better than double cream and black pepper.
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    Re: Best Cooking tips

    Quote Originally Posted by North Mimms View Post
    Prefect rice:
    2:1 ratio water to rice

    ie 150g rice added to 300ml boiling water.
    Simmer for 10 minutes with lid on.
    Turn off and leave with lid on for another 10 minutes.
    Fluff and serve for perfect rice
    I used to do rice this way and loved it. I stopped after the whole arsenic thing came out. Now I soak the rice for a couple of hours after a good rinse. Rinse again and put it in a pan with as much water as it can hold. It may not taste as good but I couldn't serve it up to the kids the way it was. I wouldn't touch rice in a restaurant if I knew it was cooked in this way.

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    Re: Best Cooking tips

    Poached eggs. Rather than stressing about vortexes, buy a handy silicone poacher from Lakeland and pop your egg in one of those before putting in the water. Put a light coating of oil on the silicone first and it slides out. Genius buy.

    Great shout about knives earlier. Get the best you can afford even if it means buying one a year or every two years.

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