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    Has she any body tried this?

    I know one guy who swears by it, and it looks to be very simple and give instant feedback, assuming you can interpret it? and then tweak your swing accordingly, which is a lot easier said than done !



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    Re: Zepp

    I tried it. sold it but used it for a few months.. enjoyable to use but I wasnt good enough I became focused on the numbers.. I could probably make better use of it now because I understand more about my swing but I was focusing on getting the perfect numbers without actually understanding what caused the good numbers and what didnt
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    Re: Zepp

    I've had the zepp 1 since Feb 2016, first one died so they replaced it no quibble, as for use and info there good I used mine along side my lessons with the trackman to get some info from both. Swing speed was 5mph lower on zepp, It's good for feedback best part is tempo and club speed and back swing length and a nice high 90s score 👍

    There OK I've never bothered ever looking back at old swing stats on it tho 🤔
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