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    Get yourself fitted...but why?

    Getting fitted for clubs seems common place, regardless of ability and experience. It gets talked about a lot on here. What I don’t understand is: Why your average golfer would have a club fitting? The other week I read ‘each and every club should be fitted individually and not as a set, after-all that is what the pro's do…’ but the majority of us are not professionals and never will be. I understand people wanting to make the most of their swing and give themselves the best chance possible but if your swing is, for want of a better phrase, dögshít, then won’t your improving swing become misaligned with the fitting? Like, you wouldn’t have a suit made if you were a big lad committed to a diet, because in a few weeks it’ll bury you. I also read the thread about going back to an old driver you used to use because you’re not getting on with the one you’re currently using…and were probably fitted for. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    You're kinda right IMO. The higher the handicap the less value there is in getting it, other than making sure the clubs are the correct length. But as fittings are generally free, what's the harm in getting it done?

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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    I agree to a certain extent (have been custom fitted in the past - but nothing in the bag currently), that people get really hung up about custom fitting and all the magazines, YouTubers seem to endorse it as a must, but really?
    For the average Saturday golfer I don't think its necessary unless you have the time and money to indulge it. I can fat/thin/shank/top/hook a custom fitted 7 iron just as easily as I could one off the shelf.
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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    What price confidence?
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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    I'm currently off 20, had all the clubs in my bag fitted, some may think that the fitting was a waste of time and that some off the shelf clubs would've been cheaper and a better option until my HC improved. Maybe.

    Has having fitted clubs helped or hindered me, not really sure, but I would guess it has helped me, as fitted clubs are correct for my lie, length, shaft type, head type etc...

    Okay I get the point that my swing may change and therefore the original fitting is no longer valid, but there's no harm in going for a fitting MOT with your local pro and a GC2 monitor, the pro would soon be able to tell if the clubs with still suited to you, bit like taking you car in for its 12 month service.
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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    I tend to agree but can see both sides. I have a mate who is 6'5 and build like a tank. He plays off 2 and has got everything 'off the shelf'. An old Ping G2 driver with the green aldilia shaft, a warbird driver , a Png eye 2 iron, a set of Callaway x 16's and a putter that is so tatty I really don't know what make it is. He hits it so pure and just seems to 'punch' the ball around the course with a lovely slight draw.

    I've done it as I quite enjoy the process and trying out all the clubs before I buy them. Each to their own I guess.
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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    As per the thread title.

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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    Personal preference, if anyone wants to indulge in custom fitting just do it, might gain you a shot per round at best but a shot is a shot.
    Always liked the simplicity of the ping colour coded system myself that you could/can assess yourself via the colour code chart and a few measurements. Dont know why other club makers don't adopt somehting similar.

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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    You can learn to play the game with any old equipment. That's for sure.

    Its only really when you have the extremes like needing much longer or shorter clubs that its really worth it for day one. Or if you need mad lie angles like 4 up or flat.

    If you are a really fast swinger and are using regular clubs, the will probably learn to reign in your swing / speed a bit to gain control. Sure it will hold you back a tad in the long run but you can pretty much learn the play with anything.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend anyone starting off to get fitted. Just get playing and start learning.
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    Re: Get yourself fitted...but why?

    I agree somewhat. If it was free I'd think about it (I did a free Titleist Thursday driving fitting a while ago just to give me an idea of what sort of driver I should be getting). But financially I don't think I'm ever going to be buying brand new irons etc - I'll always look at second hand sets a good couple of years old to save cash. When you getted fitted it's always for brand new clubs obviously, so it's really out of my reach financially anyway.

    As I say though, the Titleist driver fitting was useful because although I was never going to buy a new Titleist driver, they still recommended what loft, shaft stiffness, weight distribution etc I should be looking for, so I went and bought and older Taylor Made driver that roughly fit those requirements.
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