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    The things that kids say

    Had me hair cut today and took Young Bradley tash for a trim as it's his first day at big Skool on Weds. Woman said to him
    " what do you want your hair cutting like". He said " Volcanos".
    Anyway she cut it and spiked it and he reckons his volcano looks amazing.

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    Re: The things that kids say

    Took my then 4 year old boy shopping with me. Stood in the queue and he looked at the display beside him and says "Look Daddy, vodka is on offer". I replied with " Well spotted, I'll have one of those". The lady in front in the queue heard this and turned round and said to my son "Do you like vodka"?. "No", he replied......... "I like brandy and diet coke".

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    Re: The things that kids say

    All I get at the moment from my 3 month old is "aroooo" and "agooo"

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    Re: The things that kids say

    I recall when my Children were young asking them one day where they would like to go for a day out. They both replied "Farties" My Wife and I asked them where 'Farties" was and what it was like but they just got annoyed and kept saying "You know Farties" We tried to work out what they were on about and suddenly it came to me, when we were taking them out somewhere for the day and they asked where we were going we would reply "There and back again to he how Far it Is"
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    Re: The things that kids say

    My wee one called the rug in the livingroom a f**k for about 3 weeks. I have no idea why
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    Re: The things that kids say

    Took my just turned three year old to the Great British Tennis weekend a couple of years ago. Coach was explaining what all the lines and things were. This is the net, this is the service line, this is the singles line etc. Eventually he gets to the baseline. He points at it with his racquet and asks 'does anyone know what this one is?' All the kids are just staring at him not got a clue what he means. My wee fella looks at me, looks at the coach as if he's a complete dunce, spreads his hands and says 'it's a white one', then grins in the mostsmug way possible. I almost wet myself.

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    Re: The things that kids say

    my two have a habit of saying "dad, can i have some money." they are 18 and 20!
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    Re: The things that kids say

    My daughter has a habit of saying "all my washing is in the basket would you do it for me?"

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    Re: The things that kids say

    My 3 yr old has a habit of pronouncing his P's as T's. It was an interesting afternoon when an old sail boat came into view on the beach when he saw it and screamed at the top of his voice "Look daddy!!! A Pirate Shi*"
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    Re: The things that kids say

    My three year old son walked into the kitchen yesterday while I was preparing lunch and said "Daddy, I'll miss you when you're dead." Then he just turned round and walked out again.

    It creeped me out to be honest!

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