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    Re: returning golf balls

    Quote Originally Posted by Tashyboy View Post
    I was on about this only yesterday when Baghead played a provisional, we let through a two ball whilst looking for his first ball. One of the two ball walks past and looks at bag heads ball and says that's mine. It was (previously). Baghead said he would give it him back in the clubhouse but he lost it. 

    Outta interest. Could you actually give it him back during a hole or would you have to wait til the end of the hole.
    You would have to wait until you finished playing the hole completely unless you damaged the ball with another shot or did something like hit it out of bounds.

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    Re: returning golf balls

    I found an iphone 7 next to a wallet with €150 a few weeks back. Walked all the way back to clubhouse to drop it in. Not as much as a thank you from the owner. Next ball I find, Im keeping it!

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    Re: returning golf balls

    Quote Originally Posted by 3offTheTee View Post
    How the hell do you lose 200 tees and not find one?

    Must hit them a long way!
    With your forum name, it should be easy
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    Re: returning golf balls

    If i recognise the markings, it clearly belongs to a mate, so i give it back. Why would i not?

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    Re: returning golf balls

    If I knew who it belonged to, I'd return it.
    I remember hitting an errant shot into the trees on our 18th but didn't have a ball in my pocket as a provisional. One of my playing partners pulled his spare out of his pocket and it was one of my old ones (I also have distinctive marks on my balls). I roared with laughter and he offered it back to me but I declined because I'd already considered it gone so it was now his by right.

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    Re: returning golf balls

    Was playing with two relatives.

    One of them is off 28 and finds a mint prov1 with the other relative's name printed on it. He process to show it him and say "I'll use that". It lasts him all of one shot as he hits it in the cabbage on next tee.

    Thought that was poor form and would have annoyed me if it was my ball especially as both of us have given him loads of balls as he loses so many.
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    Re: returning golf balls

    I found one once with "Return to Weymouth fish bar for portion of fish n chips" printed on it.


    get your balls back + who only buys one portion of FnC so increase trade also!
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    Re: returning golf balls

    Unless someone asked me for it back I would most likely keep it, I wouldn't seek out an owner!

    But then I would expect the same, once my ball is gone it's fair game!

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