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    returning golf balls

    Following on from another thread.

    If you find a ball on the course that has definitely been abandoned, from the markings you know whose ball it is, do you return the ball the owner or do you keep it for your own use.

    I've got 2 mates with one of mine in theirs and have had to warn them not to play it when playing with me because it could lead to a wrong ball being played.

    I have to admit for me it depends on type and make of ball and attitude of the other person.

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    Re: returning golf balls

    My lost balls stay lost!
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    Re: returning golf balls

    It's unlikely I'll know whose ball it is from markings as most people just used generic two black dots, three black dots or whatever. If it had initials or something more distinctive then I'd probably pick it up and give it back to the guy if I saw him. Especially if it's a ball I'm unlikely to use.

    If it's a ball I would use, I'll probably chuck it in the bag, and then use it if I run out of my other balls - and then if I haven't lost it by the time I see the guy whose it was, then I'd give it back to him.
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    Re: returning golf balls

    If I definitely know whose ball it is, I give it back. If not, it goes in my bag and I play it during a practice round. The balls I play in competitions are always ones I have marked with my clover leaves and a purple alignment line, they are pretty recognizable (never got one back from somebody who found one, though).
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    Re: returning golf balls

    I've had balls returned to me because the markings are quite different to most. I have also returnedothers balls back to the original owner too
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    Re: returning golf balls

    I've had a ball returned to me. Lost it that morning.
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    Re: returning golf balls

    A mate got 2 dozen balls and 200 tees with his name printed on them as a prezzie . He's lost a all of them and never had any returned.
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    Re: returning golf balls

    If its someone I play withs then will save it until next time and declare the markings on the first tee as the ball Im playing, then throw it back to them and tee up my own ball

    Had one guy refuse once, said the ball clearly didnt want to be found by him and it was too late to take it back haha
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    Re: returning golf balls

    If I know who it is, I normally return it. But that rarely happens as most just have dots on them. There is one guy I know who has his initials on the ball and I have returned a couple to him. When I return it he normally gives me one of his other pickups as a reward! I have quite distinctive markings on mine but never had one returned to me. Not really expecting it either!
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    Re: returning golf balls

    I bought four dozen in a special offer a couple of years ago, with my name on them. Still got over a dozen left and most of the others ended up in the practice bag but I've lost a fair few and none returned yet. In fairness, I'm dreading that happening. I know if I found a ball with the name of someone I knew on it I couldn't wait to return it to them!

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