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    Re: What fueled car?

    I've driven diesels for 30 years, but, having left company car world I'm thinking more about what I need and what I need to pay. Currently running a 1.6 diesel engined car and it's fine, but, I still need to be doing over 14k miles a year to make it worth it. Morning commute is about 13 miles, so, engine running up to temp and fuel economy good. Driving about town now with a 20mph limit is a nightmare. Next car may well be a smaller engined petrol beast as a result. My wife has a 1ltr petrol car and it is great, punchy gears and a low cc engine are well matched and work well in town and on the odd trip to her folks in the west.

    Not sure the Ops needs are really met with a diesel.

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    Re: What fueled car?

    One of ours is a hybrid. Most running around uses no petrol and a full charge at home costs £1.10 for 25 miles. On longer runs of 100+ miles we get about 40mpg.

    Zero road tax. No congestion charge and some places parking is free.

    If you're doing less than 10,000 pa its a no-brainer.

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    Re: What fueled car?

    N/a petrol car

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    Re: What fueled car?

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaSteve View Post
    When herself got her diesel Hyundai she was told there was a heater element in the system that negated this [or something along those lines]... However being a belt 'n braces type I advise her to, at least once a week, keep it in a low gear whilst accelerating fairly hard for a half mile or so... Up an incline if possible...
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    Re: What fueled car?

    Had a petrol hybrid for 4 years now. Definitely, worth the investment, I do about 13,000 a year mostly queuing on the M25 & M3.
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