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Most Sundays I come home to a fab Sunday lunch made by my wife. Our small family are all there. Son, new D-I-L and two grand kids and my mum. Wine doth flow and we have a great time. Thing is our eldest GK is 15, and he has taken to leaving us after a couple of hours. This is starting to get on me wick a bit. It seems like he's just popping in for a re-fuel, after his footie match in the morning, then can't get away fast enough. His conversation is extremely limited, football, football, football and football. I'm sure this would widen if he joined in. He's got a girlfriend, and this is where he is zooming off to. I think he should see her on Saturday and then join us for the Sunday afternoon. Lordy it's only 2pm until 6pm

Am I being a horrible Grandad?
Definitely not being a horrible granddad; you're putting on a great sunday lunch each week and creating a great setting.

I think you are expecting a bit much of a 15 year old boy though.