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Thread: Sunday Lunch

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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    Nightmare for the gf if she gets dragged along. Let them be 15, they don't want to be with oldies.

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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    Quote Originally Posted by Stegsie View Post
    Family is a big thing for me; and as such I am on your side with this one pal!

    For me I'd suggest getting his GF around to welcome into the family. You never know she might enjoy it.
    Family is a huge thing however the guys grandson is 15. At that age family is boring and it's girls, cars and football. Why would you choose watching your old man and grandad getting tanked whilst arguing about Brexit over trying it on with the latest girlfriend?!
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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    Quote Originally Posted by road2ruin View Post
    Family is a huge thing however the guys grandson is 15. At that age family is boring and it's girls, cars and football. Why would you choose watching your old man and grandad getting tanked whilst arguing about Brexit over trying it on with the latest girlfriend?!
    My eldest daughter is 15. So is her Boyfriend. They both love spending time with the family and aren't bored at all. I guess it's down to the family then - we don't get tanked up or argue over Brexit!

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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    I read the opening post a couple of times and have to wonder if you read it back to yourself before hitting submit

    As said, I think if you look at it from his point of view for a moment it’ll give you a different perspective on things

    Family downing the booze (again) and talking about the things families typically do when they get together (gossiping about other friends/family) is hardly going to be something to interest him or that he wants to join in with

    To him it could be that its been the same drudgery every Sunday afternoon for as long as he can remember

    At one time it absolutely will have been fun for him to visit the grandparents and a highlight of the week, but... the times they are a changing

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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    I'd rather be up my girlfriends than up my grandparents.
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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    Some excellent replies to this, I never thought about the watching us get pissed thing. He's already discovered beer Tashy. So he has the holy trinity! I understand the 15 year old thing, and him wanting to be elsewhere. As long he's not burning up too much energy when he's there. We are most definitely to young to become Great Grandparents! Hmmmm might try the inviting the GF. She's been to his for dinner, and been to a family curry night, and he's more responsive with her there.
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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    I read your post and thought why no mention of girlfriend attending and why she hasn't already been invited.

    Even if she said no/cant make it, then if he is pleasant for a couple of hours, that would work for me. He is growing up, he has an exciting new chapter in his life, coming his own person, they have to find their way.
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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    Looking closer to home, assume its a proper roast, and not vegetarian?
    Are the roast potatoes pukka, and plentiful?
    Also, is the gravy home made?
    No offence to h-i-d, just checking.

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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    I would suggest you might earn more "sway" if you realated more to him what you were like at that age, and that you understand the gf's charms are obviously more appealing alone with her than a house full of old farts (because that is what 15 yr olds view anything over 21).
    For whats its worth, we only do Sunday lunch on Christmas Day, New Years day and Easter Sunday. Having grown up with the strict Sunday lunch habit I can confess its one thing I stopped as soon as I moved out.
    Forever trying.

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    Re: Sunday Lunch

    It's an age thing, let him go.

    Why don't you try to get him into golf so you can spend time together doing something active and less boring for him and passing on your knowledge, skills and methods that way?

    If you carry on getting resentful he'll start to sense it and future relationship could suffer. Chances are this girlfriend wont last so I wouldn't get her too involved in your family until she's 18 at least and it looks like it might last.

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