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    Playing partners talking

    So in terms of etiquette at what point should your playing partners stop talking as you are preparing to take your shot?

    I got slightly annoyed that people were talking (making jokes even!) when I had finished my practice swings and was about to address the ball - it's at this point I normally visualise where I want the ball to go which i was struggling to do due to 'banter'.

    My playing partners thought they could continue talking until I was at address but waiting for silence at this point made it feel as if I was taking a very long time to hit my shot putting me out of rhythm.

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    Re: Playing partners talking

    I'll talk until the person starts concentrating, ie pre shot routine begins. At that point I stop. For putting that may mean them walking around the ball / green etc.
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    Re: Playing partners talking

    I usually stay silent when another player starts to address the ball yeah. Even during practise swings I would reduce my voice to a low whisper - if I say anything at all. There's no need to speak then though you can always wait another minute.
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    Re: Playing partners talking

    For me its all about who I am playing with and what the scenario is.

    With my mates/social round we rip each other all the time, chat about football etc. I am very good at talking to them during my own back-swing, nicer when I spank one and just give them a ribbing at the same nice.

    If i am playing a comp, match play with or without strangers I will have he utmost respect and will be completely quiet on the tee box/greens to allow them to concentrate and play. If they are more engaged and relaxed then so will I be.

    Must admit I do dislike playing (especially match play 1-on-1) with someone who is near dead silent all the way round & has to Jason Day visualize every shot as they think its the ****** amateur champs and a chance to play at Augusta if they win. Its a social sport imo & we dont play for cheques just hit it man and have a nice time .

    TLDR: I just take my lead from my PP.
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    Re: Playing partners talking

    You are over thinking it if you can't visualize the shot while playing partners are having a natter.
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    Re: Playing partners talking

    It does not bother me provided people do not start to make a noise or start moving, after I start my swing(ie. if they are talking and carry on talking, then its okay with me).

    Me personally I would stop talking/moving once someone has addressed the ball, upto that point including practise swings banter continues but from the above replies maybe I should stop earlier.

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    Re: Playing partners talking

    Don't mind folk talking while I'm making a practice swing but would prefer they stop when I stand behind the ball to pick a target.
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    Re: Playing partners talking

    Most people I play with only take one practice swing and I try to be quiet through all of their routine but one guy in particular sometimes takes 2 or 3 and gives me the death stare if I so much as blink during them - I always tell him at that point that I have no intention of being quiet during his overlong and time wasting pre shot routine.
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    Re: Playing partners talking

    With regular PPs it depends, some don't mind some chatter and some like total silence, you get to know

    When playing with somebody new I'd be silent once they start their PSR and I'd expect the same in return

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    Re: Playing partners talking

    I guess much depends on the shot

    On and round the green I might see folk taking practice swings and transition to address all in one short movement so probably quiet throughout, but on tee or fairway and they're having practice swings then I probably see the point they move to line-up as the cut off (although in reality I'd prob shut up sometime during their extended pre-shot practice swings)

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