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    PING fitting chart changes

    Hi all

    If there has already been a thread on this so apologies but I saw some comments about the online Ping fit program and the advice it was giving seeming odd

    Have just read and been told that Ping have reverted to 1 degree uplifts and that the new colour schemes will therefore be different to the old.

    Eg - yellow dot no longer exists

    This is certainly the case for G400.

    Have attached the new chart but its now going to be fun buying new/2nd hand clubs

    I was fit for I200 green last year and was fit for G400 Blue yesterday by the same fitter - interesting

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    Re: PING fitting chart changes

    Now they're not using purple dots, does this make my irons 'collectors items'? 🤔

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    Re: PING fitting chart changes

    That is strange that they would change it all. Particularly awkward when buying second hand clubs as you say. Things will have to listed as 'old blue dot' or 'new blue dot' or something.
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    Re: PING fitting chart changes

    I know if you did a Static fit on the Ping website and one on the Golfsmith website you got slightly different results.

    Maybe the change is because of lighter weight shafts which flex differently towards the body compared to the older heavy weight shafts.

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    Re: PING fitting chart changes

    Would never condone buying off the online fitting guide but I was completely confused until I was told off the changes - then it made sense

    Having a second fitting later to confirm with a different fitter
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    Re: PING fitting chart changes

    Looks like they've jumped to full degrees rather than 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4.
    Make sense really.
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    Re: PING fitting chart changes

    changed system full 1º to simplify

    New PING Color Code Chart Change FAQs

    • What is the reason for this color code change?
      • PING and its iconic Color Code Chart set the standard for custom-fitting systems nearly 50 years ago and it continues to be the method of choice for club fitters around the world. Through decades of fittings and research, PING has evolved the Color Code Chart with the goal of delivering the most accurate and comprehensive iron fittings in golf.

    The updated Ping Color Code Chart will allow the fitter to deliver a more accurate fit, especially at the extremes of height and wrist-to-floor measurements. By removing the length-lie dependency, fitters no longer need to convert color codes when adding or removing shaft length.

    • What has changed?
      • The length-lie dependency has been removed by changing color code bands to an “S-shape”.
      • Each color code has a fixed lie angle irrespective of club length. This removes the need for converting color codes when using non-standard-length clubs with the AFS system.
      • Color codes have moved to 1° increments to simplify lie-angle offerings.
      • Yellow and Purple color codes have been removed.
      • Updated length recommendations better align static recommendations with dynamic fitting results. Height columns are now scaled for easier use and overlaps are removed.

    • How is it more precise?
      • By analyzing over 20,000 fittings from our nFlight database, combined with years of research, we have made data-driven changes to better align static and dynamic fittings, particularly with respect to players’ length recommendations.
      • 75% of players will fit to a dynamic color code within one of the new static recommendation compared to 70% previously, while 95% will fit within two color codes compared to 90% on the previous color code system.

    • How is it simpler?
      • Removing the length-lie dependency eliminates the need to convert color codes when building AFS heads at over/under standard length.
      • It also removes the need to convert back when ordering clubs at over/under standard length after a fitting using our AFS system.
      • Removing height overlaps and scaling eliminates ambiguity.
      • Plotting height and wrist-to-floor measurements for a static recommendation is more intuitive.

    • Why do I need to fit length before color code now?
      • Previously, with the length-lie dependency, PING would adjust lie angle for the color code depending on the length of the club when ordering.
      • However, by removing the length-lie dependency to simplify the building of AFS clubs and the ordering process, PING no longer does this conversion. This means that if the length changes, the color code will likely need to change too.

    • Can a golfer order a new set based off their previous specs?
      • New set orders can be placed only on the new color code system. PING always recommends being fit. However, using the conversion chart we can calculate the new color code based off a previous set. The actual lie angle of the clubs will be almost identical, even though the color code may be different. There will be no difference in the performance of the clubs. This applies to all models on new orders.

    • Can a player’s old set be moved on to the new color code system? Can a player’s new set be moved on to the old color code system?
      • No, all sets must remain on the same color code system they are built on. If the set was built on the previous system, it must remain on that system.

    • If a player loses a club or wants to repair/replace/fill-in clubs to a previous set built on the previous color code system, can the player order these on the old color code system to match?
      • Yes! PING will use the serial number to identify the specs of the set and will build the replacement/repair/fill-in clubs on the old color code system to match.
      • Even if the player was yellow or purple we can still replace or add clubs to that set, provided it was built on the old color code system.

    • How do I know which color code system a set of clubs was built on?
      • Using the serial number located on the hosel of the club we can quickly determine which color code system the clubs belong to.
      • Any clubs whose serial number starts with the letter ‘A’ were built on the new color code system; clubs with serial numbers not starting with ‘A’ were built on the previous system.
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